Op-Ed: Irwin Park Welcomes Back Three Goats

Our weed-eating goats have returned to Irwin Park. We welcome back Miss Bo Peep, Stewie and Ralph. They will be hard at work eating the very invasive Japanese knotweed that unfortunately has made Irwin Park its home. It is a job the goats love. The goats all have interesting personal stories.

Letter: Daffodils at Irwin Park Are Not for Picking

Dear Editor,

The New Canaan Garden Club takes great pride in its stewardship of Irwin Park. NCGC manages ongoing conservation and beautification projects in the Park aided by a generous endowment from the Irwin family as well as many generous donations from members of the community. One of the Club’s ongoing projects is the planting of daffodils every fall making Irwin’s great lawns a beautiful sea of yellow in the spring for all to enjoy. Over the years, over 40,000 daffodil bulbs have been planted. We respectfully request that all park-goers restrain from picking the flowers for your personal home enjoyment.

Letter: ‘Thank You’ from the New Canaan Garden Club

Editor: New Canaanite,

On behalf of the New Canaan Garden Club we would like to thank the numerous neighbors and friends of Irwin Park who contributed so generously to the completion of the environmentally friendly Flexi-pave path. Without these generous donors this final installation phase of the pathway would not be possible. 

The first part of the pathway was installed in 2008, and those enjoying the park have appreciated the safety offered by the Flexi-pave pathway due to the extremely strong yet slip-resistant surface. However the pathway was never completed on one side of the Park, and in bad weather the ground became icy, muddy and hard to navigate. Completing the pathway loop will further enhance the park experience for all walkers and joggers. 

Since 2005, the New Canaan Garden Club, in collaboration with the Town, has been responsible for the beautification of the Park. Numerous projects have been undertaken since that time including daffodil and tree plantings, installation of the water fountain and the informational kiosk, the gazebo and the Flexi-pave pathway. 

Our sincere appreciation is extended to the very generous supporters for this most recent park improvement, which will have a lasting impact on the health and well-being of our community. 


Anda Hutchins and Lauren Bromberg
New Canaan Garden Club