Letter: Daffodils at Irwin Park Are Not for Picking


Irwin Park daffodils. Photo courtesy of Lauren Bromberg and Anda Hutchins

Dear Editor,

The New Canaan Garden Club takes great pride in its stewardship of Irwin Park. NCGC manages ongoing conservation and beautification projects in the Park aided by a generous endowment from the Irwin family as well as many generous donations from members of the community.

One of the Club’s ongoing projects is the planting of daffodils every fall making Irwin’s great lawns a beautiful sea of yellow in the spring for all to enjoy. Over the years, over 40,000 daffodil bulbs have been planted. We respectfully request that all park-goers restrain from picking the flowers for your personal home enjoyment. If everyone took flowers home from the park, there would be nothing left for others to enjoy.

NCGC has also overseen the seeding of a wildflower meadow in the northwest section of the Park. We hope that those enjoying the Park this summer while the meadow is in bloom will practice the same due diligence and leave the flowers for all to enjoy visually.

For more information about the New Canaan Garden Club or to make a donation towards the annual daffodil planting, please visit www.ncgardenclub.org.


Lauren Bromberg and Anda Hutchins
Co-presidents, New Canaan Garden Club

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