6 thoughts on “Op-Ed: Let’s Move Quickly To Adopt Healthier School Start Times

  1. Jaime and Kendall Sneddon are in support of the later start time and would like to add our names to this op-ed. Thank you.

  2. Ed and Melody Libonati are in favor of a later start time…we were in favor of it the first time this issue was discussed years ago. The early start time had a negative effect on my children…we need to act on this to stop the physical and mental harm on future students.

  3. Bonnie and Martin Baker are in support and favor later start times – – in line with compelling science and common sense, as well as our shared community desire, that values and ensures New Canaan remains a top, go-to educational town.

  4. Perhaps the reason our school leaders have taken so very long to realize the need for a change and have a plan is that they themselves are sleep deprived. No less than the Harvard Business Review has written about how managers need more rest, too. Recent data from the National Health Interview Survey shows that nearly one-third of Americans get less than the six minimum hours of needed sleep. For our leaders, it is even worse according to the Center for Creative Leadership, which found 42% of managers get six or fewer hours of sleep. And, a recent study found that sleep deprived managers were more impatient, irritable and antagonistic. They showed poor judgement, lack of self-control and impaired creativity.

  5. If the BOE does not see it your way — maybe people on the 600 list
    could run for BOE in next years election — just a thought

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