Paleo, Raw and Vegan Food Provider ‘Grass Rxoots’ Coming to New Canaan at Halo


A provider of paleo, raw and vegan foods is slated next month to move into the new, comprehensive health and wellness center on Grove Street that already is offering some services.

Grassrxoots spinach frittata.

Grassrxoots spinach frittata.

Grass Rxoots (℞ being the symbol for a prescription) will form a kind of “organic café” immediately inside Halo, located at the walk-in level from the covered lot at the New Canaan Racquet Club, according to Cobie Graber, a marketing consultant for the facility.

“They provide delicious, physician-approved organic meals and cold-pressed juices,” Graber said of Grass Rxoots.

Grassrxoots juices.

Grassrxoots juices.

With an eye on more.

Founded by Greenwich internist Dr. Steven Murphy, among others, in May 2013 as a food and juice provider, Grass Rxoots already offers catering, delivery and cleanses, and at Halo will also provide a kind of on-site medical consultation to visitors seeking what Graber called “individualized food prescriptions.”

The larger concept at Halo is that it offers social interaction, education, exercise and nutrition all in one, with services offered a la carte by a number of health and wellness experts at individual studios and suites, some of which are shared. The facility features integrative medicine, health screenings, healing arts, massage, meditation, yoga, Pilates, personal and group fitness, nutritional counseling and life coaching as well as a store, locker room with towel service and other areas.

Pico de gallo hummus from Grassrxoots.

Pico de gallo hummus from Grassrxoots.

“We are making this a community gathering space, not just a place to work out,” Graber said of Halo.

Two studios are open and operating at Halo: Pryority and Nearwater Pilates (read more about each of them here). All 11 suites and studios are expected to have a full complement of fitness and alternative and integrated therapy experts in time for a grand opening in March, Graber said.

That focus on wellness makes Halo a good fit for Grass Rxoots “because of its congruency with everything happening in the space,” said Grassrxoots Director of Business Development, Marketing, Outreach & Operations Rhoby Schempp.

"Skinny Girl Lasagna" from Grassrxoots

“Skinny Girl Lasagna” from Grassrxoots

Asked what makes New Canaan a good fit for Grass Rxoots, Schempp, who is also a 1992 New Canaan High School graduate, said, “People in New Canaan are conscious of their bodies.”

Which means Grass Rxoots products will shine, Schempp said—in particular, its cold-pressed juices, which are in a rare position to meet FDA requirements in how juice must be served.

“If you are going to put a cap on a juice, it has to be done in a HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points)-approved facility, and you have to have a certification,” Schempp said.

To do that, Grass Rxoots “uses a cold packer HPP [High Pressure Processing] kill step after the juice is produced and bottled,” which preserves nutrients and enzymes as much as possible, she said.

Read more about Grass Rxoots juice here.

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  1. Grass Rxoots makes juice and food that is both healthy and delicious (as those who attended Halo Studio’s latest screening of “The Connection: Mind your Body” can attest).

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