Parks & Rec Recommends Raising Nonresident Fee for Waveny Pool by $25


Parks officials on Wednesday voted unanimously to recommend a $25 increase to the fee nonresidents pay for season family passes to Waveny Pool. 

The increase would bring to $1,250 the fee paid by nonresident families for one of 100 nonresident passes that are sold following a lottery. 

Here’s a look at the Parks & Recreation Commission’s proposed fees:

Proposed Waveny Pool Rates, 2020

Family Pass$425$450 $455$455$455$455
Individual Pass$250$260$265$175$195$195
Senior*$70$70 $75$80$80$80
Nanny Pass$125$125$130$130$130$130
Nonresident Pass$1,000$1,150$1,175$1,200$1,225$1,250
Source: Parks and Recreation Commission
* Seniors here are those 62 and older


Those voting in favor at the Commission’s regular meeting at Town Hall included Chair Rona Siegel, Carl Mason, Jack Hawkins, Laura Costigan, Francesca Segalas, Doug Richardson, Matt Konspore, Steve Haberstroh, Hank Green and Gene Goodman. Commissioner Sally Campbell, attending her last meeting as a member of the appointed body, did not indicate a vote either way.

Locals enjoying the sun at Waveny Pool. Credit: Olivia Oldham

Residents, with the exception of those using nanny passes, may purchase a book of 10 guest passes for $80.

The town-owned, self-sustaining Waveny Pool is open each year from Memorial Day through Labor Day.

Recreation Director Steve Benko noted that the Commission had adjusted some of the resident fees last year. 

“The individual fee was a little low” prior to last year, Benko said.

The new slate of fees must be approved by the Board of Selectmen.

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