PHOTOS: 11 NCHS Student-Athletes Sign Early Letters of Intent To Play Sports in College


L-R (sitting): Caitlin Esse, Kendall Patten, Campbell Conners, Claire Ross, Lauren Bisceglia and Meghan Mitchell. L-R (standing): Matt Cosco, Tim Norton, George Dumbauld, Quintin O’Connell, Walker Ker. The 11 New Canaan High School student-athletes signed early National Letters of Intent to play sports in college, on Nov. 14, 2018. Credit: Michael Dinan

Eleven New Canaan High School seniors signed early Letters of Intent on Wednesday to play sports in college starting next year.

The photos below are from a signing ceremony overseen by NCHS Athletic Director Jay Egan, held in the Wagner Room. Egan called it “Probably the happiest day” of the year, marking the “culmination lot of hard work, lot of time, lot of effort and a lot of dreams young people are realized by what they have earned.”

Each student received an engraved ‘New Canaan High School’ pen that included the date of Signing Day. We also asked the student-athletes why their future schools are a good fit, and put their responses next to the photos.


Lauren Bisceglia with her parents Ali and Pat. Credit: Michael Dinan

Lauren Bisceglia

  • Lacrosse
  • Colgate
  • “It was the best balance between social and academics for me, out of all the schools I was looking at and I really liked the people there.”

Campbell Conners (seated) with her family, L-R: brother Carter, mom Kimberly, brother Jack and dad Christopher. Credit: Michael Dinan

Campbell Conners

  • Lacrosse
  • Butler
  • “Honestly I thought it was a good location for me, just because everyone here stays on the East Coast and they want to go to the same schools and when Butler started looking at me, it was all the way in the Midwest and I was kind of scared about that, but then I felt like the fit was just right. The whole environment and atmosphere was just perfect.”

Matt Cosco (seated) with his family, L-R: brother Will, dad Peter, mom Elizabeth, sisters Tessa and Olivia. Credit: Michael Dinan

Matt Cosco

  • Lacrosse
  • Furman
  • “I knew I wanted a smaller school. I definitely like the location of it in South Carolina—warm—it will be fun and it’s different. I’m excited. I liked all the kids there when I went down.”

George Dumbauld with his parents, Ted and Marea. Credit: Michael Dinan

George Dumbauld

  • Lacrosse 
  • Drexel
  • “I just love the city of Philly and I like everything about it. And the coaching staff—the head coach there was one of the coaches for my assistant coach, so that’s pretty cool … I just love everything about it. I’m really excited.”

Caitlin Esse with her mom Anne. Credit: Michael Dinan

Caitlin Esse

  • Rowing
  • Michigan
  • “What really did it for me was the team, and how much I bonded with them on my visit. It kind of had the perfect balance of athletics and academics. That was really what drew me to it.”

Walker Ker with his parents Elizabeth and Rab. Credit: Michael Dinan

Walker Ker

  • Lacrosse
  • Boston University
  • “I love the city. It’s an up-and-coming lacrosse team, and I love the coaching staff and all the players. It’s kind of a different lacrosse program. I’m excited.”

Meghan Mitchell (seated) with her family, L-R: mom Roxanne, sister Molly and dad Steven. Credit: Michael Dinan

Meghan Mitchell

  • Golf
  • Appalachian State
  • “I love the golf program and the coaches and people, and that’s really what ultimately made my decision.”


Tim Norton with his parents David and Pam. Credit: Michael Dinan

Tim Norton

  • Lacrosse
  • Vermont
  • “I love the state and feeling of it. And I committed sophomore year so it was kind of a fun generation when I was at the school.”


Quintin O’Connell with his parents Robin and Patrick. Credit: Michael Dinan

Quintin O’Connell 

  • Lacrosse
  • North Carolina
  • “You take sports out of the picture and it’s just the best school for me. First off, academics. Then after that, it’s a big school but it didn’t feel too big. I felt really comfortable and I’m excited with the school itself.”

Kendall Patten (seated) with her family, L-R: mom Corinne, father Jay and sister Dillyn. Not pictured: sister Sydney. Credit: Michael Dinan

Kendall Patten

  • Soccer
  • Cornell
  • “I committed last spring and I went to the camp and fell in love with the team and the college in general.”


Claire Ross with her parents Don and Suzanne. Credit: Michael Dinan

Claire Ross 

  • Diving
  • Boston College
  • “I knew that I wanted to be in the East Coast—not too close to home, but farther than a little bit. I love the team. The team is so nice. And the campus is obviously so gorgeous and I love the city of Boston.”

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