PHOTOS: 11 NCHS Student-Athletes Sign Early Letters of Intent To Play Sports in College

Eleven New Canaan High School seniors signed early Letters of Intent on Wednesday to play sports in college starting next year. The photos below are from a signing ceremony overseen by NCHS Athletic Director Jay Egan, held in the Wagner Room. Egan called it “Probably the happiest day” of the year, marking the “culmination lot of hard work, lot of time, lot of effort and a lot of dreams young people are realized by what they have earned.”

Each student received an engraved ‘New Canaan High School’ pen that included the date of Signing Day. We also asked the student-athletes why their future schools are a good fit, and put their responses next to the photos. ***

Lauren Bisceglia

“It was the best balance between social and academics for me, out of all the schools I was looking at and I really liked the people there.”

Campbell Conners

“Honestly I thought it was a good location for me, just because everyone here stays on the East Coast and they want to go to the same schools and when Butler started looking at me, it was all the way in the Midwest and I was kind of scared about that, but then I felt like the fit was just right.

New Canaan Football Tops Masuk 31-28 in Class L Quarterfinal

On a team laden with so many offensive and defensive weapons, it isn’t often that the kicker garners much of the spotlight. That being said there was perhaps no bigger factor in No. 2 New Canaan’s 31-28 win over No. 7 Masuk in Tuesday’s Class L quarterfinal than Rams kicker Grant Morse. Morse didn’t just bail out the Rams—in what New Canaan head coach Lou Marinelli called a “flat” performance—with his punting, averaging 47.5 yards on two kicks that helped tip the field position balance in the Rams’ favor.

Darien Football Edges New Canaan 37-34 in Overtime Turkey Bowl Thriller

It was one of the most memorable chapters in a long and storied rivalry—a rare high school football game that not only lived up to but exceeded its hype as the top-seeded Darien Blue Wave escaped New Canaan with a breathtaking 37-34 overtime win over the No. 2 Rams Thanksgiving afternoon in front of nearly 5,000 fans at Dunning Field. Darien senior co-captain Finlay Collins was named the game’s MVP, rushing 10 times for 87 yards and two touchdowns and sealing the Wave’s thrilling win with an interception of New Canaan quarterback Drew Pyne in overtime at the Wave five-yard line. “Hats off to New Canaan, they played a hell of a game.” Darien head coach Rob Trifone told

2016 Turkey Bowl Essentials: A Breakdown of New Canaan vs. Darien

Thursday morning will mark the third straight year New Canaan and Darien collide in the Turkey Bowl as the top two teams in the state. And if the previous two Thanksgiving match-ups—both won by Darien by a score of 28-21—are any indication, this year’s game will be another classic chapter in a historic rivalry that dates back to 1928. As was the case last year, this will be the only time the No.1 Wave and No. 2 Rams face one another as Darien will defend its state Class LL title while the Rams are looking to win their fourth straight Class L crown. Even with the absence of an official FCIAC Championship game this season, stakes will be high on Thursday as the game will count toward CIAC rankings, impacting the probability of a state semifinal home game.

New Canaan High School 1st Quarter Honor, High Honor Rolls

Congratulations to all of these students, and many thanks to the administration for supplying this list. Below, please find each grade’s high honors and honors lists, with students listed alphabetically for each category. Grade 12 High Honors

Jimmy Abbruzzetti
Bhaskar Abhiraman
William Ahrens
Rachel Annulli
Jackson Appelt
Ellery Baran
Brittany Barber
Olivia Barden
Andrew Bauersfeld
Matthew Berger
Matthew Bisceglia
Graham Braden
Meghan Brady
Shannon Bucci
Caroline Budd
Matthew Burger
Alexander Butenhoff
Jackson Butler
Jason Campe
Lauren Carlson
Lauren Catalano
Amy Chu
Katherine Conese
Faustino Cortina
Courtney Coutts
Andrew Cronin
James Crovatto
Madeleine Culpepper
Kavya Dagli
Emma Dahill
Drew Davis
Camaren Dayton
Trevor De Ghenghi
Abigail Deery
Maggie DeFrancesco
Shea Delehaunty
Spencer DeVito
Kimberly Dyrvik
Catherine Ellsworth
Laura Endres
Alexandra Esposito
Maria Fagerstal
Wesley Fales
Katharine Ferguson
Mariana Ferreira
James Freyre
Paige Freyre
Alice Gelhaus
Christopher Greene
Edward Greenspon
Anne Greer
Jefferson Grigsby
Francesca Guynn
Eliza Haney
Humza Hasan
Quinn Hays
Caitlin Hevesy
Tyler Hill
Jack Hoelzer
Edward Holappa
Robert Hoover
Graham Jameson
Molly Keshin
Rachel Keshin
Samuel Klearman
Alexander Lambrinos
Caroline Leeber
Austin Leopold
Ethan Lindberg
Ellen Ludtke
Dana Lurie
Anna Lysenko
Richard Magnus
Grace Manges
Caroline McCauley
Connor McDevitt
Julia Means
Hazel Montano
Liam Mooney
Andrew Morris
Aurelie Moutran
Caileigh Murray
Siobhan Naughton
Alexandra Nesbett
Bradley Newton
John Norton
Ryan O’Connell
John O’Connor
Brendan O’Halloran
Mackenzie O’Malley
Maria Oliveira
Kameron Ong
Margaret Owen
Joseph Peiser
Austin Pelli
Michael Pelli
Samantha Pepe
Thomas Philipson
Tessa Piontkowski
Giuliana Ponterotto
Alexandra Poteet
Hugo Potter
Charlotte Pratt
William Raleigh
Chiara Rapuano
Jack Rechtermann
Bailey Reehl
Cameron Rhind
Tess Rosenberg
Caroline Ross
Elizabeth Rudman
Graham Russell
Ryan Russo
Brian Sandor
Holly Santero
Camryn Schlim
John Serena
Rebecca Serven
James Shapiro
Andrew Shizari
Sandra Sigurgeirsdottir
Paige Skyrm
Madeleine Smith
Patrick Song
Michael St. George
Peter Stolpestad
Samuel Stoner
William Sturcke
Gabriella Sulpizi
Michael Svagdis
Ashley Tedford
Margaret Tensen
Fredericka Trahanas
Joseph Turner
Carolyn Valenti
Joshua Vindas
Sophia Welch
Spencer Williams
Charles Wilson
Katherine Zaborowska

Grade 11 High Honors

Nathan Aliapoulios
Clarisse Allehaut
Alexandra Allen
Anenya Ansh
Griffin Arnone
Jillian Augustine
Emma Barker
Sarah Bazata
Cameron Blair
Josephine Bossidy
Amelia Boyd
Grace Brady
Cali Brannan
Tyler Brennan
Sydney Britt
Karlie Bucci
Olivia Buckley
Charles Burns
Caroline Callahan
Lauren Capone
Caroline Challe
Leigh Charlton
Jake Ciancio
Eric Cimino
Nathaniel Clay
Erik Cohen
Benjamin Conley
Paulina Cortina
William Crane-Morris
Kendall Curtin
Seamus Curtin
Mateo De La Vega
Mackenzie Deane
Lily Decker
Braeden Dial
William Dooley
Jackson Douglas
Catherine Doytcheva
Caroline Eno
Eliza Farley
Wesley Farley
Benjamin Fishman
Zachary Fishman
Anna Foster
Alice Fromzel
Brooks Gammill
Elizabeth Gehnrich
Kyle Genzburg
Olivia Germann
William Gervase
Samuel Gilman
Abigail Graham
Sophie Graham
Michael Grise
Caroline Grogan
Spencer Handler
Samuel Havard
Brandon Hruska
Robert Hynes
Wenjun Jiang
Luzia Juergensmeier
Cole Kammerer
Gillian Kane
Kaitlin Kearns
David Kelly
Sydney Kend
Katherine Kennelly
Matthew Knight
Sean Knight
Catherine Koennecke
Max Koschnitzke
Annabelle Krystman
Nichole LaBadie
Jacqueline Lampert
Emma Leddy
Catherine Levine
Noah Levine
Katherine Lindberg
Cassidy Little
Robert Loonie
Katherine Lydon
Sean Manzella
Chloe McAuliffe
Elizabeth McCarthy
Erin McGoldrick
Quinn McMahon
Katherine Mettler
Freia Mierendorf
Zachary Miller
Grant Morse
Eden Neleman
Camden Nelson
Annaleah Neugeboren
Regan O’Malley
Anika Orndahl
Alexander Orwicz
Diego Ospina
Logan Otis
Julia Ozimek
Ashlyn Pace
Eva Pace
Rachel Panzano
James Parmelee
Jessica Parrino
Derek Perone
Kaitlyn Piotroski
Elizabeth Pohle
Alexander Popov
Sophie Price
Martina Radoslavov
Spencer Reeves
Katherine Reiss
Samuel Rhodes
Thomas Richardson
Isabella Rocha
Maria Rucci
Robert Russo
Ayla Senna
Peter Sensbach
Owen Shin
Joshua Siegel
Ryan Sill
Jake Sloane
Elektra Smicka
Emma Smith
Rachel Smith
Fatima Sonday
Emma St. Raymond
Luke Stewart
Chase Strupp
Lauren Sturm
Caroline Sweeney
Jasper Tucker
Alexander Urbahn
John Volpe
Megan Waldron
Ashley Walker
Morgan Walling
John Warner
Nicole Weiss
Dylan Wietfeldt
Kent Williams
Alexander Zarikos

Grade 10 High Honors

Joelle Anselmo
Erin Bean
Lenore Belodeau
Margaryta Bilokin
Aiden Bramwit
Margaux Brennan
Kevin Brunner
Emily Bryant
Lauren Canet
Andie Carroll
Matthew Chalon
Caroline Cioffi
Adam Colton
William Comyns
Olivia Cosco
Lucy Coutts
Patrick Crookenden
Luke Crowley
Chase Crum
Reid Dahill
Patrick Devitt
Nathan Dobbs
Emily Dowdle
Jessica Driver
Rachel Driver
Jessica Eccleston
Gray Farley
Griffin Fill
Olivia Flaherty-Lovy
Eileen Flynn
Victoria Furlan
Emily Gaeta
Elizabeth Greer
Bridget Haley
Kacy Haydu
Erik Hoets
Turner Ives
Katherine Jahns
Meghan Kloud
Dylan Koproski
Tyler Kortekaas
Ryan Krolikowski
Sophie Lamaker
Ryan Levene
Benjamin Levin
Tyler Liffmann
Maximilian Lindeis
Jennifer Loomis
Daniel Lu
John Luther
Edward Manges
Theresa Marciano
Caroline Mayock
John McCarthy
Kaleigh McCarthy
Anna Meli
Grant Mellinger
Katharine Miller
Meghan Mitchell
Jia Yao Mize
Kaitlyn Mulcahy
Emily Murphy
Stephanie Murphy
Quintin O’Connell
Jack O’Hare
Aditya Ogale
Liam Orr
Ann Pakhayev
Jessica Penman
William Rechtermann
Kathleen Reeves
Candelaria Reyes
George Richardson
Jonathan Richardson
Jacob Ritz
VeNae Rosdahl
Kiera Russo
Emily Ryan
Benjamin Sarda
Nicolas Savini
Caroline Schuh
Dylan Shane
Emily Shizari
Christian Sibbett
Nathan Sibbett
Chloe Sigg
John Slattery
Alexis Smith
Virginia Smith
Celia Sokolowski
Sarah Spadaccini
Katelyn Sparks
Erin Spiess
Meera Srinivasan
Chloe Stanley
Jacqueline Steele
Chloe Stein
Alessandro Sulpizi
Julia Tamburro
Natasha Tchir
Elizabeth Tedford
Gwynneth Tenney
Elaina Tiller
Katherine Unger
Nicole Vanderlee
Nathiya Vasantha Kumaran
Gwenan Walker
Julia Weitz
Colin Welch
Conor West
Emma Wheeler
Alexandra Yee

Grade 9 High Honors

Savannah Adolphe
Riana Afshar
Fallon Arnone
Maria Estelle Asker
Samuel Augustine
Alexis Axon
Edward Baliotti
Brooke Barber
Claire Batchelor
Ryan Benevento
Audrey Bloom
Olivia Bognon
Claire Brunner
Alexandra Budnick
Brian Campe
Alexandra Carlson
Isabelle Carpenter
Christopher Carratu
Charlotte Casey
Benjamin Castle
Jane Charlton
Alexander Chen
Tara Chugh
Naomi Cimino
David Cochran
Bartholomew Codd
Patrick Colwell
Quincy Connell
Helen Culpepper
Elise Curren
Nicholas Daddona
Leila Dann
William Dantini
Annesha Das
Adrian Davis
Griffen Dayton
Emilio De La Vega
Elizabeth DeMarino
Nicole Demers
Vivian Ding
Heather Doherty
Elizabeth Dolan
Benjamin Dooley
Emma Dunlap
Katherine Dunn
Mia Fedeli
Kaitlyn Fico
Devin Findlay
Aaron Fishman
Shelly Fradkin
Taylor Frame
Charlotte Gardner
Sophie Gardner
Andrew Gifford
James Gilman
Paula Graham
Isabella Grecco
Jonathan Hall
Alexandra Harte
William Hevesy
Elizabeth Hirai
Tighe Hoey
Nicholas Hoge
Steven Hoge
Ethan Hughes
John Hynes
Sofia Ippolito
Jackson Jakovic
Andrew Jameson
Hollis Kammerer
Samuel Kend
Alyssa Khoo
Emily Knight
Anthony Kochin
Gregory Korsun
Cella Kove
Michelle LaBadie
Allison Leopold
Weston Link
Katherine Lisecky
Natalie Lopez
Hasan Mahammadli
Nicholas Marciano
Thomas Marshall
Peter Mason
Casey McCall
Dylan McDonald
Kearney McKiernan
Alexandra Mehos
Anna Mehra
Alexander Meintzer
Caroline Meyer
Andrew Mihailoff
Olivia Moor
Andrew Morse
Kelsey Mottolese
Theodore Nelson
Johannah O’Brien
Margaret O’Connor
Molly O’Neill
Teresa Oliveira
Madison Otero
Sophia Palamenti
Alessio Pantaleo
Martina Pincione
Alexa Pittaro
Henry Pohle
Lucy Potter
Sophie Potter
Kristen Raffaele
John Renda
Charles Richardson
Matthew Rigione
Megan Rigione
Skyler Risom
Thomas Roscoe
Luciana Savini
Riley Seelert
Katharine Shaughnessy
Lily Shive
Theodore Sihpol
Eva Spangler
Charlotte St.