Podcast: ‘Plum Plums Cheese’ Owner Gayle Martin


This week on 0684-Radi0, our free podcast (subscribe here in the iTunes Store), we talk to Gayle Martin, who with husband Michael Riahi, is opening New Canaan’s newest business, a cheese and charcuterie shar-coo-tree shop that originally opened in 2014 in Pound Ridge and has moved here. Plum Plums Cheese opens its doors at 10 a.m. on Thursday, April 1st, at 149 Cherry St. 

Plum Plums Cheese

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One thought on “Podcast: ‘Plum Plums Cheese’ Owner Gayle Martin

  1. So great they are in town!!!! Yay for us. I fully expect the line for their insanely amazing Grilled Cheeses to reach their old location in no time.

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