3 thoughts on “Podcast: Superintendent of Schools Dr. Bryan Luizzi on School Start Times

  1. Kudos to all the students who took the time and courage to speak to Dr. Luizzi. And Dr. Luizzi thank you for being flexible and considering all the facets of community. This new scenario has something for everyone. Mike – thanks for quickly putting this podcast together to communicate all the details.

  2. Thank you Dr. Luizzi. This is a great podcast and really helps to explain some of the benefits of the new start time alternative and some of the nuances of block scheduling for High School students. I also appreciate that you are letting the feedback received from those most affected by this schedule change (High School Students) help to guide your decision making on what is best for our entire school community.

    • James, like you I don’t know what the community’s input on this new start times schedule will be or how this newly elected Board of Ed will vote on it next month. We’ll see starting next week how all of this plays out. Regardless, one thing that’s clear from this interview is that the New Canaan Public Schools administrators have never stopped working on this issue, and have persevered even through these months when most all of us thought this had been settled, at no prompting from the public. With that in mind, I would note here that you James have made some very pointed remarks at public meetings regarding the degree to which NCPS administrators and Board of Ed members care about New Canaan schoolchildren. I won’t speak for those on the other end of those remarks, I don’t know what sort of direct communication you may have had with them and it’s not my place to interfere in your relationship with those people. I will say, as an outside observer, that those criticisms registered as off-base and unfair at the time. Others who expressed the same concerns regarding their own families under early versions of what is now being called the “previously approved” start times schedule did not go so far in taking to the podium in the Wagner Room at New Canaan High School.

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