Local Business Q&A: Pet Pantry Warehouse


Inside Pet Pantry Warehouse on Grove Street in New Canaan. Photo courtesy of Joshua Roth

For today’s Q&A with a local business owner this holiday season, we hear from Adam Jacobson of Pet Pantry Warehouse. 

Here’s our exchange.

Inside Pet Pantry Warehouse on Grove Street in New Canaan. Photo courtesy of Joshua Roth

New Canaanite: Pet Pantry Warehouse, already very well established in lower Fairfield County, opened in New Canaan nine years ago. You all became deeply involved in the community straightaway, feeding our New Canaan Police Department’s K-9 dog, hosting events to raise money for area animal shelters as well as the popular New Canaan Dog Days, and serving on the board of the local Chamber of Commerce. How are things going at the Grove Street store? 

Adam Jacobson: We absolutely love the New Canaan community! We have worked hard to implement our community-based business approach. We continue to work with non-profits, local police k-9’s, chambers or commerce, and other worthy causes and individuals in need. Our company is now in its 76th year in business and we have withstood many disruptions in the business landscape. Remarkably, we have always found a way to not just survive but thrive. Despite our success over the years there are moments in time whereby we have relied upon the good will of our most loyal clients to pull us through. For that we are eternally grateful.

Inside Pet Pantry Warehouse on Grove Street in New Canaan. Photo courtesy of Joshua Roth

When we connected in the very early weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic, back in March 2020, you noted a couple of things that really stood out to me. For example, you said that “many of our animals are working overtime to provide emotional support during the COVID-19 crisis” and that “serving the needs of our animal community as well as our greater communities at large is keeping us busy.” How has the pandemic affected your business? What has the support from your customers and the community been like during this time? 

The last couple years have obviously been challenging for everyone, and what we have found is that as we all navigate how best to find the balance between safety and moving forward with our lives, there seems to be a shift happening back to shopping local. We consider ourselves fortunate to have been listed as an essential business early in the pandemic, and as a result, we have been able to be there continuously for our customers and their pets, without exception. I think in hard times, you want to find foundation; solid footing. Pet Pantry has been a local Fairfield County business for over 75 years. We have always been there to help our customers, and we are humbled by the loyalty those customers continue to show us.

Inside Pet Pantry Warehouse on Grove Street in New Canaan. Photo courtesy of Joshua Roth

What are some of your best-sellers during this holiday shopping season? 

Treats, chews and toys are at the top of the list for everyone’s animal companions. This year’s holiday collection includes brand new styles and brands, along with the classics. We are also fully stocked with beautiful, warm, comfy beds and stylish coats and sweater.

It’s been about one year since you launched the self-serve dog-washing stations at the Grove Street store. What kind of use are they getting? 

The response to adding the pet wash to New Canaan has exceeded our expectations. It is hard to overestimate the convenience of being able to wash and dry your dog at our store with our included shampoos and conditioners, leave the mess, hair and laundry, and head home with a squeaky clean dog.  

Inside Pet Pantry Warehouse on Grove Street in New Canaan. Photo courtesy of Joshua Roth

What else would you like to tell our readers about Pet Pantry Warehouse?  

As the year comes to a close, we are reminded how lucky we are to be able to support you and your furry family members. Since the onset of COVID-19 the world as we once knew it has changed forever. As we continue to work through these very trying and difficult times, we just want you to know how grateful we are that you have stood by and supported our family-owned business.

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  1. The staff is a big part of Pet Pantry’s success – knowledgeable and always cheerful and helpful. Ira, Michelle, Jake, Jakob and others have always been there for me.

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