Police Investigations: Vandalism and Fraud


A 66-year old man told police last week that a rock came through the screen and shade of his Summer Street home and damaged the wall. The vandalism was reported at 3:20 pm on Friday, June 26, two days after the incident. It is not clear if the rock was thrown intentionally or accidentally, possibly during lawn-mowing, according to a police report. The approximate value of the damages is $75 dollars, the report said.


Police are investigating a reported fraud from a tag sale on Oenoke Lane last Friday afternoon, involving a fake $100 bill. At approximately 1:57 pm on June 26, the New Canaan Police Department received a report that two women, one in her mid-20s and the other in her early-40s, both with long dark hair, used the counterfeit bill to purchase clothing and a pair of sneakers, according to a police report. The older woman reached into her purse and handed the bill to the younger woman, who then used it to buy the items, the report said.

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