Public Works Roundup: Update on Roadworks Around New Canaan


We spoke with Public Works Director Tiger Mann on Tuesday to get an update on roadworks around New Canaan—paving as well as repaving after utilities work. The roundup is below. Please also note that the town’s ongoing infiltration and inflow study of the sewer system will be conducted Wednesday on Elm, Grove, Park, Seminary and Weed Streets, Richmond Hill Road, Kimberly and Prospect Places, Scofield, Oenoke and Gerrish Lanes, and Oenoke Ridge. Residents should expect to see a smoke-like vapor coming out of their vent pipe. Please do not call fire or police about this non-hazardous vapor, this is part of the study.


36-Inch Water Main on Route 106

They’re finishing up, they should be done within the next week or so, and then they got approval from the state to come in and put in a 1-inch overlay over the entire road, curb to curb, from Carter to Little Brook for the year, and then they’ll come back and pave permanently early next season. That stretch. That’s going to finish that first phase. Next year, they’ll come back at the beginning of the year and pick up where they left off at Carter, run all the way out to Valley Road. And then they’ll do the exact same thing, overlay and then pave it the following year, and then that’s ‘24.

And then in ‘25, they’re going to do the bridge that’s right on The New Canaan-Wilton border on Valley Road, just past Silvermine Road. They’ve got to put the water main on the outside of it [the bridge]. And then in ‘24, they’re going to start at Harrison and go towards Farm Road. Towards Waveny. It’ll be two seasons, two summers on South Avenue, ‘24 and ‘25, because we don’t want to be out there during the school year because traffic would just be a nightmare.

Gas Line on Route 106

The gas line in that area, on 106, will follow the same schedule as the water line does. They’re going to finish up this season shortly, then start next season and run the gas line back out to Wilton and connect it with Wilton at Valley Road. That’ll be two seasons. So that’ll be just next season that they’ll finish that up. While they’re doing the water, they’re going to do the gas at the same time. And then gas is pretty much done throughout town, apart from service hookups.

Regular Water Main Work

For the regular water main work that services all the homes, he’s hoping within the next two weeks to be done on Lakeview and Orchard Drive. They’ve basically got what’s called ‘cut and cap,’ so they cut the old main and then cap it. And then make sure everything runs off the new main and call it a day. So they’ve got about two weeks left of that and then they’re done and that’s sporadic work. That’s similar to what’s happening on upper Weed Street from Dunning [Road] to West [Road] and then on West from Sunset [Hill Road] to Greenley [Road]. Same exact scenario. Next couple of weeks, they should be finished. 

Ponus Ridge Bridge

The bridge will be open mid-December. So that detour will go away. There might be some work in the spring but that’s guardrail work, some other work on the side—landscaping, stuff like that, but it won’t disrupt the roadway. 


We’re going to put a thin overlay on Harrison [Avenue], Little Brook [Road], and Millport [Avenue] this season, and then wait for any problems, and then pave them next year. Millport will get a sidewalk associated with it as well, but in the interim they’re just going to get a thin overlay for the winter, and then every other road that was affected by the gas or water from Farm Road all the way to Maple Street—both sides of South Avenue, from Park Street over to Main Street—will get milled and paved. That guy’s going to start around October 17th and stay here pretty much throughout until he finishes.

Richmond Hill Road Sidewalk

He said he needs 10 more good days of weather. He’ll finish, then they’ll come back and finish a little bit on Oenoke in front of Lampert Toohey & Rucci, right in front of the last building that we’ve got to do. 

Eversource Electric

They’re finished in front of Dunkin Donuts, thankfully. They are in front of The Whitney Shop, right next to Franco’s. And he said he needs seven good days of weather, so I’m figuring 10 days and he’ll be out of there. Then everywhere else he’s going to go, he’s gonna go at night. He’s got to go to upper Park Street, upper Elm Street off of Park, Forest Street in front of the sushi place, Main Street in front of the bank at the corner of Main and Elm, and a couple other small locations that he’s got to do. But everything there is going to be done at night. 

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