2 thoughts on “P&Z Elects Dan Radman as Chair

  1. To John Goodwin, thank you for serving for 17 years on the hardest working volunteer commission in New Canaan. A heartfelt congratulations to Dan Radman and Krista Neilson. Whether I attend P+Z meetings in person or watch the meetings later, the agendas are always long, as are the meetings. All of the commissioners and alternates work well together. Thank you for your dedication to our community.

  2. John, our precious town owes you and all of the P&Z Commissioners a special and heartfelt thanks for maintaining the balance between new development, growth, and preservation. The value of your volunteerism is immeasurable. To Dan Radman and Krista Neilson, thank you for accepting the leadership roles in a critical time in our town’s history. May all of you continue to be blessed and supported in your new roles. Happy holidays.

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