Quiet Heroes of New Canaan: Mose Saccary


Fishing derby at Mill Pond.

About 15 years ago, Public Works Director Tiger Mann recalls, the annual Fishing Derby in New Canaan had to be halted because Mill Pond desperately needed to be dredged. 

Mose Saccary, DPW highway superintendent for New Canaan. Credit: Michael Dinan

Once that was done, it was Mose Saccary, the town’s highway superintendent, who called on municipal workers to resurrect the beloved family-friendly event.

“This thing wouldn’t happen without him,” Mann said of the Fishing Derby, to be held Saturday at Mill Pond. Anglers can register online or starting at 8 a.m. on April 20 at the pond, the derby starts at 8:30 a.m. (Emails used to register will not be used to sign people up for town email blasts or other unwanted subscriptions, officials confirmed).

A Center School alumnus and 1978 New Canaan High School graduate, Saccary “has been working here his entire life in various capacities for the Highway Department,” Mann said.

Axel and Walker Hornsby show off their catches while grandfather Peter Hovey looks on at the April 15, 2023 fishing derby at Mill Pond. Credit: Michael Dinan

“And I don’t think anybody cares more to be quite honest,” he continued, by way of nominating Saccary for the “Quiet Heroes” series. “He does a fantastic job. He’s got a voluminous memory of the town—of how it was—and he’s got a distinct feeling as to how he wants the town to appear because he takes that personally, if the town doesn’t look the way he wants it to look.”

As Mann said, Saccary’s quiet commitment and diligence “goes way beyond the fishing derby.” (In addition to ensuring New Canaan is dug out and safe after every snowstorm, Saccary is responsible for the wildflower meadow at Route 123 and Parade Hill Road.)

Scenes from the April 15, 2023 George Cogswell Memorial Fishing Derby at Mill Pond. Credit: Michael Dinan

With respect to the George Cogswell Fishing Derby—named after a longtime NCPD Animal Control officer—Saccary has worked with engineers on fish habitat, repopulated the pond, obtained permits from the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection to ensure the event can go on, brought in Aquarion to help with the first year and even “went around himself for the first year and got donations from a whole bunch of people and got the police to to partake” in the derby,” according to Mann. 

Scenes from the April 15, 2023 George Cogswell Memorial Fishing Derby at Mill Pond. Credit: Michael Dinan

“And he gets all of his guys to come in, they’re all volunteering their time of the day, that whole day,” he said. “And it’s a huge undertaking for the department, from the highway department. He gets help from Rec, he gets help from Parks and then and the highway guys staff it and there’s nothing but excitement in the department for it.”

Though he does so much work for the community, Saccary is a humble person and likely will not be happy to read this feature spotlighting him.

Mann, who has known Saccary for 23 years, said, “He’ll be mad. He’s not going to be happy about this. I’ll be perfectly honest, he’s not going to be happy. But it should happen.”

[Editor’s Note: This is a new installment of our periodic “Quiet Heroes” series. We’re accepting nominations for it, see guidelines here and ignore the COVID reference.]

17 thoughts on “Quiet Heroes of New Canaan: Mose Saccary

  1. Well deserved, my friend. Mose has always been one of the most reliable, devoted and caring employees in Town Hall. Would never second guess his instinct to do the right thing. He is definitely my “quiet hero.”
    Judy Neville

  2. Mose is the BEST !
    Thank you Tiger and Mike for a great article ..
    Looking forward to another great Fishing Derby !!

  3. Mose is a true professional, and wonderful guy to work with. He is very deserving of this recognition. If he doesn’t like this attention to him, he’ll get over it.

  4. Mose (and Tiger) make what New Canaan Beautification does around town, easier and with the same purpose, to be true to the town and how it looks!
    Thanks, Mose.

  5. Congratulations Mose on this well-deserved recognition! Thank you Tiger for highlighting his contributions to New Canaan. As a fellow NCHS Class of 1978 member, I can attest to Mose’s consistent dedication to our town, always seeking to make New Canaan a better place to live and work. The Fishing Derby will happen this Saturday; but Mose is there working behind the scenes every day of the year! #NCPRIDE

  6. Well done Mose! You are the glue that keeps this amazing event happen every year! Thank you for all you do ALL YEAR LONG!

  7. Since we’re all embarrassing him, I thought I’d add my two cents. Mose is a natural. He’s always been great with people, and he also happens to be a great drummer!! Best, Billy.

  8. Mose is amazing! He helps us at the DAR with getting all the American Flags up on the lamp posts in town every year. And that is just one thing of many he helps with. He is the best! And he is alot of fun to hang out with!

  9. Great article about a wonderful person! Mose you can be mad all you want, but we all want to say nice things about you! You’re a great guy who loves helping others and someone who deeply cares about his position within the New Canaan Highway Department. It is always a pleasure helping you out with D.O.T. issues and you have always been there for us! Enjoy this well-deserved recognition and Thank you Tiger for calling him out!

  10. This award could not have gone to a more dedicated person. Mose truly cares about New Canaan and works very hard every day to keep it looking beautiful. The Fishing Derby is one of his favorite events and he takes such pride in putting it all together. New Canaan is lucky to you Mose.

  11. The Route 123 wildflower field is a wonderful example of the thoughtfulness Mose puts into everything he does. Thank you for the beautiful flowers.

  12. Wait, Mose gets mad???

    Just like Steve Benko, here’s another guy that can’t be bucked! Thanks for everything you do, Mose, we all know that this is just the tip of the iceberg.

  13. Dear Mose! What a wonderful article! So many great comments, all deserved!
    You were always smiling quietly and working hard while in high school in my classes! So fun to see you grow up and your love and hard work in this town! I love seeing your smilie as I drive by you in your truck & your big wave, all best, Peg Risom Bull

  14. Mose and his crew just came by my house and stocked the 5 Mile with trout. “So your the Mose i have been reading about!” i tell him. his crew had a laugh. Just Awesome. Thanks Mose and crew !

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