Quiet Heroes of New Canaan: Weezie Reid


Residents from The Inn sporting red, white and blue masks made by Weezie Reid. L-R: (standing) Roseanne Desario, Don Draves, Betsy Doyle and Lily Mayer. L-R: (sitting) Eileen Stumpf, Virginia Spugani and Midge Bacon. Photo courtesy of Patricia Spugani

Patricia Spugani, a town resident who volunteers to support the New Canaan Farmers Market, has seen hundreds of masks in checking shoppers in at the Saturday event under a new walk-thru model.

So it’s unusual for one to stand out as the one New Canaan’s Weezie Reid was wearing a few weeks ago.

It had a pattern of strawberries, with little green stems on a white background and red edge trim with white dots.

“I said I love it and she told me that she had made it,” Spugani recalled. “We kept talking and I mentioned that my mom is a resident at The Inn and if she was looking to make more—because she said she’d been looking to make more—that I would be happy to buy some for my mom and friends at The Inn. She said no, I’ll just make them.”

This past weekend, Reid showed up at the Farmers Market with six newly made masks. 

“I am constantly overwhelmed by the sincere outpouring of affection and consideration the residents have had for each other overall,” Spugani said. “And this is one more example of a small act of kindness that really made a difference, not only to the recipients but also to me personally, that somebody took the initiative to do this.”

And those recipients “love” the masks that Reid made, Spugani said.

“They all love them,” she said. “They thought they were great and they are all very excited to have masks that they can coordinate with their outfits for the Fourth of July.”

[Editor’s Note: This is the fourth installment of our “Quiet Heroes” series. We’re accepting nominations for it, see guidelines here.]

7 thoughts on “Quiet Heroes of New Canaan: Weezie Reid

  1. Thank you Weezie – My mom loves her mask! Thank you for your act of kindness and showing us all the values of a true New Canaan neighbor.

    Thea Diserio

  2. I never made them for publicity, just enjoy the designing and sewing and giving them to people who seem to enjoy them!! I think they will be a fact of life for us for some time, so they might as well be fun!!

  3. Aren’t we all lucky to have a thoughtful and creative friend like Weezie in our town!?! Hats and masks off to Weezie for the Fourth of July:)

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