5 thoughts on “Residents Call on BOE To Find Sustainable Solutions in School Cafeterias

  1. Hear hear! Students want to be green. Thanks to all for speaking at this BOE meeting. If other towns can do it, we can. Let’s make a thoughtful start as suggested.

  2. Just as important, if not way more so, is WHAT our children are eating. Eat Real Certified is a wonderful program for NCPS’s to seriously consider.

  3. If we can’t get rid of bottled water, all these solutions are just kicking the can down the road. Paper cups and water from the big 5 gallon dispensers for starters.

  4. These students did their due diligence and did a great job advocating for the changes they want to see in their schools. I hope NCPS and the BOE works with them to help implement these initiatives.

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