2 thoughts on “RTC Submits Documents to Ethics Board in Moynihan Investigation 

  1. Everyone’s date of birth is public information, to be handed out to anyone who asks for it? What an invitation for ID theft!!! (Not from RTC, just in general)

  2. Let me summarize for casual observer:

    – The Ethics Complaint filed by Miki Porta Included a completely unsubstantiated allegation that the First Selectman used his position to access voter information for the mailing.

    – The RTC issued a statement on Jan 7 stating unequivocally that our mailing list was compiled using publicly available information obtained directly by the RTC from New Canaan’s Registrar of Voters. The statement also also confirmed that the RTC paid for the mailing and that it went out under our name.

    – In response to the Ethics Board’s request, the RTC provided physical evidence which supported the RTC’s Jan 7 statement in full.

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