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Election 2017: At Selectman Debate, Kenin and Williams Say They Won’t Force A Primary

Republican candidates for selectman Christa Kenin and Nick Williams said during a debate on Wednesday they would not force a primary in the fall municipal election should they fail to win the nomination during the Republican caucus on July 18. This is in contrast to two of the three Republican candidates for first selectman, Cristina Ross and Kevin Moynihan, who earlier in the evening indicated that it is possible they will choose to primary, should they fail to get on the party ticket. Both said it would depend on the outcome of the vote in the caucus. When asked if he would support his opponent in the fall election if he is not endorsed, Williams, a three-term incumbent, said during the Republican Town Committee debate, “Yes, I support Republicans.” “And although it’s not my race, I’m a little shocked to hear that at least two of the candidates running for first selectman saying they won’t respect this process and that they’ll primary,” he said during the debate, held at Town Hall and moderated by Michael Dinan of and Greg Reilly of the New Canaan Advertiser. Continue Reading →

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Republican Candidates for First Selectman: A Primary Is ‘Likely’ [CORRECTED]

[Editor’s Note: A direct quote attributed to Cristina Ross regarding her position on a possible future primary has been updated for accuracy.]

Republican candidates for first selectman Cristina Ross and Kevin Moynihan said during a debate this week that that it is “likely” that there will be a primary in the coming fall election should they fail to win party backing at the July 18 caucus. “I think it’s very likely that it might come to a primary,” Ross, currently a member of the Town Council and also a member of the RTC, said during the organization’s second candidates’ debate, held Wednesday at Town Hall. “I will assess the number of [RTC] votes [following the caucus] and see where things stand [before making a decision].”

Moynihan, also a member of the Town Council and the RTC, said it would “really depend on what the vote [count] is.” He pointed out that while primaries for first selectman seats in neighboring towns including Darien and Greenwich “are quite common,” still “we’ve never had a primary in New Canaan.”

But this time around, “with three people in the race” for first selectman, “it increases the likelihood of a primary,” Moynihan said during the debate, co-moderated by Michael Dinan of and Greg Reilly of the New Canaan Advertiser. “I think it’s very likely [that there will be a primary],” he added. Ross and Moynihan are challenging three-term incumbent First Selectman Rob Mallozzi. Continue Reading →

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Change Versus Experience: Kenin Challenges Williams In RTC Debate

GOP Board of Selectman candidate Christa Kenin promised change while incumbent Selectman Nick Williams emphasized his experience during the first of two Republican Town Committee debates held at Town Hall on Tuesday. A former corporate attorney who has been a member of the Town Council for two years, Kenin is seeking a Republican seat on the Board of Selectmen in the upcoming local election—but first seeks to win the party nod in upcoming caucus on July 18. Williams, a 28-year resident, is a three-term incumbent on the board who has previously served as chairman of the Board of Education and has been a volunteer with various town groups. He seeks a fourth term. During her opening remarks, Kenin expressed dissatisfaction with the pace of progress in town and blamed the current administration. Continue Reading →

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Election 2017: Republican Candidates for First Selectman Debate Cell Service, Outback

Candidates seeking New Canaan Republicans’ endorsement at the July 18 caucus on Tuesday night debated a wide variety of issues facing the town—from how to improve cellular coverage to what to do with the former Outback Teen Center building and how to open the lines of communication within municipal government—during a lively Republican Town Committee-sponsored debate. Incumbent First Selectman Rob Mallozzi, who has announced his intention to run for a fourth term, is being challenged by Cristina A. Ross, a 26-year resident and Town Council member who works as a professional architect, and who previously spent 10 years on the Parks and Recreation Commission, and Kevin Moynihan, a 36-year resident and retired former attorney for Merrill Lynch who also currently serves on the Town Council. The candidates fielded a wide variety of questions from New Canaanite Editor Michael Dinan and New Canaan Advertiser Editor Greg Reilly, who served as co-moderators for the event. Billed as a “debate,” the 2.5-hour session—50 minutes of which was dedicated to the first selectman candidates—featured politically charged if limited direct interaction among those seeking the town’s highest elected office (the video will be available here very soon). On the topic of how to improve cell service in town, Ross said the communication between the town and the residents with regard to infrastructure—including cell towers—must be improved. Continue Reading →

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RTC Announces Two Republican Debates Ahead of July 18 Caucus; First One Next Week

The New Canaan Republican Town Committee on Monday announced that the organization is sponsoring a pair of debates ahead of the party’s July 18 caucus—a widely anticipated day that will see candidates in three contested races seek party backing. Featuring all Republican candidates running in contested races for town government, the first debate is to be held at 7 p.m. next Tuesday, June 27 in the large meeting room at Town Hall, the RTC said in a press release. The second will be held July 12, also at Town Hall. Those running include:

First Selectman

Cristina A. Ross
Rob Mallozzi
Kevin Moynihan


Christa Kenin
Nick Williams

Town Council (four seats open)

Roy Abramowitz
Tom Butterworth
John Engel
Mike Mauro
Richard Townsend
Penny Young and the New Canaan Advertiser are supporting the RTC debates. The debates will be broadcast by NCTV Channel 79, according to the RTC. Continue Reading →

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