3 thoughts on “Town To Replace Fence at Jelliff Mill Bridge That Neighbors Don’t Like 

  1. How exactly is a white vinyl picket fence going to act as a barrier to prevent cars going off the road? Since when does the town pay for fencing along the roadway of a private property? How long will the construction last and what will be the schedule of detours imposed on the neighborhood for a significant thoroughfare?
    The current railing has an unobtrusive appearance that blends with the surroundings, and serves its purpose as a physical safety rail across the bridge. It was a significant improvement over the old bridge. It is unclear to me why it needs to be “improved” again at town taxpayer expense.

  2. Maybe it is time to replace our town officials not the fence. The fence serves as a protective barrier and should remain. Wasteful use of taxpayer dollars.

  3. I can’t believe more people are not upset that our tax dollars are being used to replace a perfectly good fence.

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