4 thoughts on “Silvermine Residents Call for New Traffic-Calming Measures

  1. Park Street is being used more and more as a way to get to 106 and cars love it because there are no stop signs or lights for quite a long distance. Cars seem to rev up as they go by-much like they do during Caffeine and Carburetors.

  2. I believe the New Canaan body politic and concerned citizens should seroiusly consider Red Light and Speed cameras to improve safety on our roadways. Police resources are already stretched thin, and by eliminating or reducing the need for traffic patrols, the cameras will help improve the department’s productivity and increase the level of service to the community.

  3. Definitely there should be speed cameras. Every time I stick to the speed limit, drivers pass me all the time. I even saw someone run through a red light in Darien.

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