‘South Avenue Butcher’ Appears To Have Closed

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The empty cases inside South Avenue Butcher. Credit: Cooper Dinan

South Avenue Butcher in downtown New Canaan appears to have closed. 

South Avenue Butcher in downtown New Canaan. Credit: Michael Dinan

Open since December 2016, the butcher shop at 17 South Ave. hasn’t opened in several days and is empty. Phone and email inquiries went unanswered for more than two business days. In its most recent Facebook page update, posted two weeks ago, the business said it was looking for full- and part-time staff. It hasn’t posted on Instagram since publishing a schedule for the Easter holiday.

It wasn’t immediately clear why the business closed or whether the closure is permanent— inquiries made Saturday morning (South Avenue Butcher’s hours include Saturday and Sunday) were not returned. There’s no notice in the shop’s window or website.

South Avenue Butcher had sold company-branded cutting boards and T-shirts, and its main fridge in front featured a variety of fresh-made sausages and burgers as well as skirt steak, tri tip, flank steak, gaucho steak, ribeye, teres major, strip, ground chuck, filet mignon, pork tenderloin, veal chops and veal scallopini.

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