State To Close Route 123 Near Field Club for Three Weeks [UPDATED]


The state will close Route 123 in both directions near the Field Club for three weeks for a bridge replacement project slated for October, officials say. 

Here’s the location of the culvert that is to be replaced. Streetview

The culvert replacement will start Oct. 12 and the state road closure is expected to last no longer than 21 days, according to Kevin Nursick, a communications official in the Connecticut Department of Transportation.

Most of the work activity will happen between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday, he said.

“We are using a good deal of prefabricated components in order to minimize the length of the project and the necessary closure and detour,” he said. ” We are still awaiting some prefabbed items and once we verify all components are to our specifications, we will be able to commit to the start of the road closure.”

Nearby residents and town officials have been contacted by the state, Nursick said.

The project is scheduled to be completed around the end of November and the cost is $968,271, he said.

The box culvert to be replaced spans the Rose Brook just north of the intersection of Smith Ridge Road and Glen Drive, in the area of 183 Smith Ridge.

The project originally had been scheduled for this summer but was delayed due to the COVID-19 public health emergency, among other reasons, officials said.

Motorists will be detoured with signs at multiple locations along Route 123, according to plans, including at Canoe Hill Road north of the project, and Parade Hill Road and Brushy Ridge Road south of it.

[This article has been updated with information from the state transportation department.]

5 thoughts on “State To Close Route 123 Near Field Club for Three Weeks [UPDATED]

  1. There are a lot of bikers, runners and walkers on Canoe Hill, Rosebrook and Brushy Ridge roads. I hope we have a significant police presence on those roads while 123 is closed.

    • Thank you as i have written to all of our town leadership to express my concerns as I walk miles a day on those roads – this is a massive accident waiting to happen. Sadly not one of our elected officials replied to share my concern or to alleviate my anger/anxiety (except that is for Lucy Dathan but sadly this is not her district and yet she still reached out on our behalf). I have asked to see their emergency plans and have received nothing.

  2. These road closures seem to be extremely arbitrary, with little in the way of serious analyses of levels of stress and deleterious effects these are causing. We have had Eversource based road closures for a long time now, very arbitrary and stressful, causing workers to come into work late due to these arbitrary closures. We are told that the construction of underground gas lines would be economically advantageous. Little in the way of town referendums or some type of representative town wide inputs by residents are undertaken and resident input no effect. “We understand” is the best we get. We have many smart educated people locally, why aren’t their voices being heard before decisions like this are made? We are being treated like dumb sheep.

    • PREACH !!! I am so glad to see I am not the only one complaining. I was told there were public hearings (Which there were NOT).

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