3 thoughts on “Superintendent: District To Collect Vaccination Status of New Canaan Public Schools Families

  1. Requiring proof of vaccination will clear up any doubt, and that is a good thing because it clearly states your situation: vaccinated or unvaccinated. Youngish people, ages 20-40, are experiencing debilitating “long Covid19” and that is scary, sad, but most importantly, avoidable, if fully vaccinated. Older people are experiencing life threatening symptoms from “long Covid19”. We need to care about our teachers and administrators, if we want to win this pandemic game we are all playing. Because, like it or not, we are in this together. Thank you to Dr Luizzi for being the balanced, informed and calm center in this storm. Our entire community would suffer greatly if you were not here being a beacon of light and common sense. Thank you, Team Luizzi!!

  2. The challenge for the NC BOE is keeping schools open for in person learning 5 full days per week this winter – we must all work together to make sure this can be accomplished for the sake of the kids – teachers / staff – and the families.

  3. WOW, Betsy!!! clear up any doubt, what’s your situation – vaxed or unvaxed. What’s next a yellow “U” on all unvaccinated people. So, you want everyone to be identified and separated. Very nice in such an accepting inclusive community. We all know people who are suffering from one illness or another. It’s not the individuals job to take care of everyone in society. It’s called personal responsibility. And by the way – common sense went out the window long ago on this topic. Science has been politicized. What happens when you don’t agree with something that is mandated next time?

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