‘Bag It’ Movie Screening

Bag It (2010) is a documentary film that invites viewers to make their communities a little less plastic. An estimated 12 million barrels of oil are used annually to make the single use, disposable plastic bags that Americans consume, and once they’re thrown away, they become a major source of pollution. This film documents one man’s quest to figure out where these bags come from, where they go, and how we can use less of them.

Two Skunks Unintentionally Caught in Traps

Two skunks were caught in animal traps, one of which had to be euthanized, this week. Animal Control Officer Jillian Bosch received a call from Hoyt Funeral Home on Main Street about a skunk stuck in a trap on July 29. The animal appeared to be struggling and suffering upon Bosch’s arrival. She was able to remove the animal from the trap, but the baby skunk was having trouble breathing and had to be euthanized, Officer Allyson Halm said. Halm was called to a similar situation on Southwood Drive on Aug.