Did You Hear … ?

New Canaan Police Chief Leon Krolikowski said that in the past week, officers have investigated two residential burglaries—on Betsy’s Lane and Dabney Road. Other jurisdictions in Fairfield County have seen an increase in daytime burglaries. “Most burglars are not master criminals,” the chief said. “They’re usually looking for an easy opportunity to get into a house without being seen. Burglars love it when you make their job easier for them.” Here are some tips that will help you beat the burglars.

NCHS Senior Fashion Show [PHOTOS, VIDEO]

Hundreds of parents, friends and other residents cheered from the darkened seats of the New Canaan High School auditorium on Saturday night as about 100 seniors strutted their stuff in casual, athletic, dressy and prom wear during the NCHS Senior Fashion Show. The major fundraiser for Post Prom, the annual show saw some $6,800 in tickets sold in advance, Chair Whitney Williams said. Here’s a video from the show featuring local band Triple Coil:
New Canaanite Video-NCHS Fashion Show 2015
“It’s pretty heavily attended,” Williams said as students shuffled from a pre-show dinner in the Wagner Room to separate areas to change and get made up for the runway. “We have prom fashions from A Step Ahead in Stamford and Camillo’s in Norwalk. The rest of the fashions have been provided by local vendors.”

Those included Athletic Shoe Factory, Blaze-In, Caren Forbes, Darien Sport Shop, Island Outfitters, J. McLaughlin, Jos.

Faces of New Canaan: Wendy Lowy Sloane

Even without a nationally syndicated radio show that in about two weeks will reach a five-year milestone, Wendy Lowy Sloane is a great candidate for a “Faces of New Canaan” profile. A resident of the town since 2002, Lowy Sloane is not only deeply involved in the community—she’s spent several years as parent coordinator at her kids’ schools and as team mom for youth sports, and whose own kids have been in the New Canaan YMCA program for years (her son made the freshman NCHS team)—she also carries a sincere and abiding love for New Canaan people. Those people include small business owners who help make the town go—she specifically mentions Barbara Cleary who 13 years ago prophetically “sold” Lowy Sloane on a vision of herself in the town, as well as Caren Forbes and Chef Luis Lopez, whom she calls “Cheffy”—as well as elected officials who wear multiple hats (Rob Mallozzi, Nick Williams, Tucker Murphy) and perhaps most of all, close friends discovered here who have become, she says, “my family.”

We learned all of this, as well as how Lowy Sloane got into the field of journalism, spanning a celebrity-filled TV career in Manhattan—during an interview (transcribed in full below) in the window at CT Sandwich Company on a recent morning. Many thanks to Wendy for her time and candor. One final note before our interview: Readers can find podcasts of the show, “What’s Up With Wendy,” here on the 1490 AM—WGCH website (the anniversary special airs Jan.

New Canaan’s First Annual ‘Pink Stroll’

On Thursday October 9th over fifteen New Canaan stores will be hosting an inaugural “Pink Stroll.” The Stroll is designed as a way to celebrate Breast Cancer Survivors and raise awareness as well as funds for critical breast cancer services for residents of Connecticut and research. The event is a joint effort between The Chamber of Commerce, local merchants and Susan G. Komen Connecticut. The New Canaan Chamber partnered with Komen Connecticut as all funds donated support research and local breast cancer education, screening and treatment programs for women in Connecticut. Seventy-five percent of the money donated to Komen Connecticut goes to fund critical breast cancer services in Connecticut. The remaining 25 percent goes to fund national research programs. This is especially important as Connecticut has the highest incidence of breast cancer in the United States, with New Canaan being one of the top twenty towns in the state with the highest rates breast cancer.

Dream Come True: NCHS Junior Sara Brindisi Is Designing, Selling Skirts through Caren Forbes

New Canaan High School junior Sara Brindisi recalls sitting on the floor next to the sewing machine as a 5-year-old while her grandmother bent over the contraption, working away on yet another original Halloween costume—a purple velour “wizard” get-up with a cape and a hat. “I sat there at her feet, with my hand on pedal, saying, ‘Can I press it? Can I press it?’ ” Brindisi recalled with a smile on a recent afternoon outside NCHS. That’s as far back as Brindisi can trace the seed of what has evolved into her abiding, focused interest in creating clothes. After filling notebooks starting in kindergarten with sketches—crayon drawings of mermaids, fairies and princesses—Brindisi began sewing with her mom and grandma, making pillow cases and small dolls, then outfitting American Girl dolls with her own creations.