Chicken Joe’s on Elm Street to Close Sunday

Fans of the “High School Special” will soon have to look elsewhere for their chicken nugget and potato cone fix, as New Canaan’s Chicken Joe’s will be closing its doors Sunday for the last time. Chicken Joe’s co-owner and New Canaan resident Jay Greco said the Elm Street eatery is closing, primarily, because of prohibitively high rent and tough parking. Greco also said that he donated to and otherwise supported various groups in town and did not always see a return on those investments. “It breaks my heart to close the place because I put my heart and soul into building it but I can’t afford it,” Greco said. “The rent is just killing me.

Did You Hear … ?

For the first time ever, May Fair will open its rides to visitors on the Friday night of the weekend that the hugely popular event runs. “Friday Night Lights” will run from 5 to 9 p.m. on May 8—featuring just the rides, a performance stage and select food vendors Baskin-Robbins, Joe’s Pizza and Chicken Joe’s—and the full, cherished annual fair running about 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. the following day, said Richard DePatie, parish administrator at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church. “We’ve been talking about it, off and on, for a number of years, and weather is a factor,” DePatie told He explained that in recent years, foul weather has caused organizers to hit pause on May Fair for periods of time on the selected Saturday, and that affects how much money can be raised (the fair benefits charities through the St.

New Canaan’s Top-10 Sandwiches

There is an amazing ratio of sandwiches to people here in New Canaan. So amazing, that a couple of places (most notably the Best Würst and the Forest St. Deli) closed while we compiled this list. It’s important to note that this specific list was relegated to counter service restaurants or delis only. We are well aware of many of the amazing sandwiches that are served at traditional sit-down restaurants here in town.

Eye Openers: New Canaan’s Best Breakfast Sandwiches

It’s often a morning-after “cure-all” and other times simply a meal. Whatever the purpose, the breakfast sandwich has a firmly established niche in the culinary world. In New Canaan, the Deli-Bake is long-gone and we recently lost the Forest Street Deli’s legendary “Big O”. That said, we still have more than a half-dozen eateries featuring some form of breakfast sandwich on their menu. Here is a look at our five favorites:

Apple Cart Food Co. – The Mead Park Breakfast Wrap

With a menu featuring fresh salads, sandwiches and wraps, Emad Aziz’s Mead Park mainstay is a dining destination that transcends the average public park snack bar.

Patrick Metzger: Obsessed with Chicken Joe’s ‘High School Special’


For this installment of “5 Things I’m Obsessed With” with, we stayed right in front of Mackenzies—unofficial backpack depository of downtown New Canaan—and turned to a pair of willing Saxe Middle School eighth-graders, both 13. This marks just the second time in “5 Things I’m Obsessed With” history that an interview named as an obsession someone we had already interviewed. Here’s what these guys came up with:

Patrick Metzger

Becca Walshin
Vineyard Vines
Chicken Joes (the “high school special,” a half-pound of nuggets with fries)

Matthew Knight

Yellow cones (pointing to a cone in the alley: “Even though that one is orange.”)
Audi A-8s (“That’s what my dad drives, pretty nice car if you ask me, gets some good gas mileage.”)
The color red (pointing behind him, “Like the one on that car right there, it’s hard and not too soft, sort of like when you see a red light.”)
“A luscious mustache or really big beards.”