Eye Openers: New Canaan’s Best Breakfast Sandwiches


It’s often a morning-after “cure-all” and other times simply a meal. Whatever the purpose, the breakfast sandwich has a firmly established niche in the culinary world.

In New Canaan, the Deli-Bake is long-gone and we recently lost the Forest Street Deli’s legendary “Big O”. That said, we still have more than a half-dozen eateries featuring some form of breakfast sandwich on their menu.

Here is a look at our five favorites:

Apple Cart Food Co. – The Mead Park Breakfast Wrap

Apple Cart Food Company's Mead Park Wrap.

Apple Cart Food Company’s Mead Park Wrap.

With a menu featuring fresh salads, sandwiches and wraps, Emad Aziz’s Mead Park mainstay is a dining destination that transcends the average public park snack bar. The Mead Park Breakfast Wrap follows the trend, with eggs, cheese, potatoes, avocado and a choice of bacon, ham or sausage topped with a spicy pepper sauce and held together in a grilled whole-wheat tortilla.

Chicken Joe’s – The Hotsy

The Hotsy at Chicken Joe's.

The Hotsy at Chicken Joe’s.

The Hotsy is a bacon, egg and cheese with the added attraction of Chicken Joe’s delicious home fries and their signature spicy chili. Unlike many places, the bacon is cooked fresh on the grill and not pre-cooked. It costs about as much as a bottle of Rolaids and tastes a heck of a lot better. Add in the chance to dine under the watchful eye of Joe Marotta and other New Canaan sports figures immortalized on the Chicken Joes’s wall…it’s the perfect way to kick-start your morning after a night out on the town.

Connecticut Sandwich Co. – French

The French at CT Sandwich Company.

The French at CT Sandwich Company.

Eugene Chun’s unique twist on a standard ham, egg and cheese is a new and most-welcome addition to the pre-noon New Canaan dining scene. The eggs are scrambled and cooked to fluffy perfection. Gruyere and Dijonnaise add a complexity not found in the oft-used American cheese. Add in a healthy amount of fresh ham and a delicious brioche and we have a gagneur. Oh and be sure to wash it down with one of three delicious juices.

Rosie – Superico Burrito

Rosie's Superico Burrito.

Rosie’s Superico Burrito.

As tough as it may be to bypass (no pun intended) the famous Huevos Rancheros at this Elm St. staple, the Superico Burrito is a great alternative. At $12 it’s the most expensive sandwich on the list but with that said it’s also a classic example of getting what you pay for at this popular Elm Street staple. Three eggs, ham, cheese, a healthy dose of avocado, salsa and fresh herbs make the Superico a meal sure to fill the emptiest of stomachs, and could carry you right through lunch.

Tony’s Deli – New Canaan Special

Tony's New Canaan Special.

Tony’s New Canaan Special.

Tony’s is mobbed most mornings and one only needs glance at the menu to figure out why. Dozens of inventive sandwiches, wraps and salads as well as premade entrees and homemade soups make this a popular choice among New Canaanites both young and old. Leading the way on the breakfast menu is the New Canaan Special…a bacon egg and cheese with those addictive potato cones on a poppy seed roll. Go big and order it with a double egg.

2 thoughts on “Eye Openers: New Canaan’s Best Breakfast Sandwiches

  1. Nothing will ever beat a Calloway from Connie’s at Mead Park. Bacon egg and cheese on a wedge. Having said that, the New Canaan at Tony’s is mighty tasty.

  2. Get to Joe’s Pizza at 11:30 AM and order the pepper and egg on a wedge. If Larry asks if you want some parmigiana cheese in the mix, answer in the affirmative. He may not open for breakfast, but this sandwich is worth sleeping in for!!!

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