Moynihan: Vine Cottage Worth Three Times What Land Trust Bid

The town rejected a venerable nonprofit organization’s recent bid to purchase Vine Cottage because the building is worth more money than what was offered, according to First Selectman Kevin Moynihan. The Board of Selectmen met out of the public eye—as public bodies are allowed to do, under state law, when dealing with certain specific aspects of real estate transactions—to “decide whether we should negotiate with the [New Canaan] Land Trust,” Moynihan said during the Town Council’s regular meeting Tuesday. “We have an indication that the value of that property is three times what was being offered by the Land Trust,” Moynihan said during the meeting, held at Town Hall and via videoconference. “If we get to the point where we want to sort of give it away to a nonprofit, an important local nonprofit, we could. But right now, for one we really need it for the Health Department.

Three More Smash-and-Grabs Reported Monday at Waveny

Police say they received three more reports Monday of smash-and-grabs from motor vehicles parked at Waveny. Asked about the larcenies, Police Lt. Jason Ferraro said the vehicles had windows smashed in and items taken from them, the same method used Sunday in similar crimes. Monday’s reports from Waveny came in at 12:20, 12:37 and 12:39 p.m., according to a police log. It isn’t yet clear just what was stolen. Sunday saw purses, an iPhone, wallet and several banking and ID cards stolen from parked cars.

Police Chief ‘Thrilled’ That Security Cameras Now Are Being Installed at Waveny’s Entrances

The chief of the New Canaan Police Department said he’s “thrilled” that security cameras are being installed at Waveny’s two main entrances. 

Asked about the pole-mounted security cameras—there’s one already in place at the park’s Lapham Road entrance—Police Chief Leon Krolikowski noted that New Canaan has seen motor vehicle break-ins in recent weeks at both Waveny and Irwin Parks. “We have seen video cameras work well specifically at the YMCA, preventing people from breaking into vehicles,” Krolikowski told “And if they do commit a crime, it will help us catch and and arrest them and prevent future crimes from occurring. These groups will enter a vehicle if they believe that there are valuables inside. Very typically they strike public parks and public common areas in Fairfield County, recently in Monroe and in our town and other parts of Fairfield County.