Letter: Advice to New Canaan High School Class of 2015

Dear New Canaan High School Class of 2015,

Congratulations! You’re reaching the culmination of your high school lives by completing your time in the New Canaan Public School system. Now you head on to the next stage of your life, a stage that for a lot of you probably seems both incredibly exciting and quite terrifying, at the same time. OK, maybe terrifying is a bit strong—at least I hope it is—because there’s little, if anything, to be terrified about this next step. That is if your next step is college.

Leaving New Canaan after 20 Years

I write this poem (at right) because we are leaving home. The only home I’ve really ever known. It wasn’t my first home, but after 20 years of living on Park Street, the Sauerhoffs are leaving New Canaan. But the history of the Sauerhoffs in New Canaan extends much beyond 20 years. In fact, us moving in 2015 makes this the 49th year that a Sauerhoff has lived in New Canaan.