New Canaan Police Chief: Help Us Stop the Violence

Although our Town has little crime, crimes such as domestic violence have remained constant over many years. Domestic violence is New Canaan’s violent crime. If you live in New Canaan, and you are the victim of violence, it is highly probable that the perpetrator is someone that you love. 

Domestic violence is both a national and an intimately local problem that knows no boundaries.  Most cases of domestic violence are never reported to the police. According to former Attorney General Janet Reno: “Too many American women live in fear of the very people upon whom they depend for love and affection. Instead of providing refuge, the walls of many homes serve as prison bars.” 
Thus far in 2022, our Department investigated fifty-three family disputes, and many of these investigations resulted in arrests.

Police Chief: Fraud Prevention for Seniors

According to the “2018 DOJ Report on Senior Abuse and Financial Exploitation,” each year an estimated $3 billion is stolen from America’s seniors through a variety of mass mailing, romance, and vendor or contractor scams.  They may also fall prey to imposters who claim to represent the IRS, Medicare or Medicaid, or Social Security. Unfortunately, New Canaan is not immune to these scams. 

Thus far in 2022, our Department investigated 57 fraud complaints (a 128% increase compared to 2021), and some of these frauds targeted seniors. Recently, a senior resident contacted our Department to report being the victim of a tech-support scam (more about these scams below). The resident reported receiving a computer pop-up message about a “hack alert.” The resident clicked on the alert and allowed the fraudster to control the resident’s computer. Subsequently, the resident was told to call an “800” number and spoke with the fraudster.

New Canaan Police Help Elderly Resident Recover $145,000 Stolen in Scam

Two New Canaan police officers recently helped an elderly resident who been scammed out of $145,000 recover the money, officials said. Police Chief Leon Krolikowski during last week’s Police Commission meeting spotlighted a letter of appreciation regarding the work that Officers Joseph Schinella and Owen Ochs did on what the chief called a “pretty exceptional” case. “It’s a constant battle,” Krolikowski told members of the Police Commission during their Sept. 21 meeting, referring to scams that often target older residents. Sgt.

Police Chief: ‘Check-Washing’ Crimes Hit New Canaan

New Canaan Police are warning residents about the theft and alteration of checks stolen from mailboxes in town. Officers are investigating reports of personal checks stolen from residential mailboxes on Ferris Hill and West Roads, according to Police Chief Leon Krolikowski. “These checks were ‘washed’ and made payable to parties who were not the intended payee,” Krolikowski said in a press release. Two years ago, during the first summer of the pandemic, New Canaan saw a rash of similar crimes, where the payee as well as the amount written out on checks was altered by criminals. Krolikowski’s press release included a link to more information on “check-washing.”

He issued these prevention tips:

BE A GOOD NEIGHBOR: Get to know your neighbors, watch out for them, and report suspicious activity in your neighborhood immediately.