Praise for Officer Who Fielded Suicide Threat-Related Call: NCPD Letters of Appreciation

The following letters of appreciation for New Canaan Police Department officers were made public during the Feb. 27 meeting of the Police Commission, by Chief Leon Krolikowski. ***

Officer Roberto Lopez

“I am writing this memo on behalf of exemplary service that was put forth by Officer Lopez regarding a recent suicidal party investigation. On 1/27/19 Officer Lopez was assigned to Dispatch, and was in the process of training Officer [Kelly] Coughlin for the role of dispatcher. At approximately 1615 hours he received a call from a female party that had made suicidal statements to a former dating partner.

Meet New Canaan’s Newest Police Officers, Matthew Blank and Sebastian Obando

Growing up in Port Chester, N.Y., Sebastian Obando played baseball and football from his childhood through graduating from high school in the city, located just over the state line past Greenwich. The most trusted and most motivational adult figures during those formative years were sports coaches, according to Obando. And many among them were cops, he recalled. “How they carried themselves was professional and it kind of helped us all do the right thing, both on the field and off the field,” Obando, 23, said Monday from the training room at the New Canaan Police Department, days after graduating from the Connecticut Police Academy in Meriden as part of its 353rd class. “And that is something about being a police officer is you always have to do the right thing, while on duty and off duty.”

Together with fellow Officer Matthew Blank, 28, Obando is the newest member of NCPD.

Town Swears In Two New Police Officers: Matthew Blank and Sebastian Obando

The public willingly puts its trust in the hands of New Canaan Police Department officers and civilians trust that they’ll be taken care of in the proper manner, the police chief said Thursday. Citizens don’t want that responsibility for themselves, and ask that those in uniform “get it right,” Police Chief Leon Krolikowski said during a swearing-in ceremony for the department’s two newest officers. “My charge to you is to do just that: Get it right,” he told Matthew Blank and Sebastian Obando prior to Town Clerk Claudia Weber swearing in the two new officers during the ceremony, held at Lapham Community Center. “We all have heard about stories of officers who have gotten it wrong. Remember that not everyone will automatically understand what you are doing as a police officer, or why you make certain decisions.