NCHS Seniors Thank Parent Post-Prom Volunteers for Wonderful Night

In New Canaan, Senior Prom Night is more than a few awkward pictures taken by parents as high schoolers make their way out the door and onto the dance floor. Many of the memories of Senior Prom begin after the prom is over at the Annual Post Prom held at the Waveny House. Last Friday night, the doors opened at 11:59 p.m. and food, games, shows, and raffles continued on until the sun was rising at 5 a.m. The theme of the night was Flashback Friday in which the seniors were taken on a journey through their childhood in New Canaan. The New Canaan High School class of 2015 would like to thank all of the parents that spent over a year putting together this unforgettable night. The event was organized by Post Prom Chairs Whitney Legard Williams, Cam Hutchins, and Sue Kammler, along with many other parent volunteers.

PHOTOS: NCHS Senior Prom 2015

Hundreds of New Canaan High School class of 2015 students gathered at the Roger Sherman Inn with their dates, parents and friends for a pre-prom party on a picture-perfect Friday evening. The Roger Sherman’s owners, whose son is a graduating senior, generously offered the inn’s patio and grounds for photos, and following smaller pre-prom parties at private homes around town, nearly all of the prom-goers made a stop on their way. Click through the gallery above for photos. Click here for a rolling slideshow of prom photos hashtagged #fbfnc2015. Email any photos you’d like us to add to the gallery to