‘There Has Been a Lot of Abuse’: Commissioner Flags Poor Parking Downtown

The restaurant “bump-outs” and revised parking and sidewalk schemes downtown have led to safety hazards because motorists are pulling into no-parking areas and even blocking crosswalks, official say. Trucks are pulling up along crosswalks so that it’s impossible to see pedestrians, according to Parking Commission Secretary Pam Crum. “There has been a lot of abuse going on as of late,” Crum said during the Commission’s regular meeting, held Sept. 10 via videoconference. 

Crum questioned whether appropriately sized planters could be set up in areas such as Elm Street near Dunkin Donuts in order to prevent vehicles from parking where they shouldn’t. “The planters were there before and it wasn’t a problem,” Crum said.

‘We Have To Enforce Main and Elm’: Commission Upholds New Canaan Woman’s $25 Parking Ticket

Town officials last week upheld a $25 ticket issued to a New Canaan woman who’d overstayed the two-hour parking limit on Elm Street on a Saturday this summer. Tamara Schwarzman told members of the Parking Commission during an appeal hearing Thursday night that she parked on Elm after yoga, with plans to shop and get lunch with her husband. 

“I shopped at a bunch of stores, gave business to the town, bought some clothes at More ’N More, had lunch at Rosie’s,” Schwarzman said during the hearing, held via videoconference. “What else did I do? Oh, I bought something at Wave. And then I came back to my car and there was a ticket.

Commission Recommends Extending Parking Permit Renewals to Jan. 1

Saying they expect New Canaanites to continue working from home through December amid the COVID-19 virus pandemic, town officials last week recommended pushing back the renewal date for those holding permits for commuter lots. Commuter lots such as Lumberyard, Railroad, Richmond Hill and Talmadge Hill should remain free and unregulated through Dec. 31, according to members of the New Canaan Parking Commission. “As long as the town can afford not to charge for these lots, I would say let’s put this off to January 1st,” Commission Chair Keith Richey said during the appointed body’s Sept. 10 meeting, held via videoconference.

Town Upholds $25 Ticket Issued To Woman Who Got Her Hair Done

Town officials last week upheld a parking ticket issued to a Norwalk woman who’d overstayed in a two-hour spot on Main Street this summer. The Parking Commission voted 5-0 to uphold the $25 ticket issued to Cornelia Henning. In making her appeal to the Commission during its regular meeting Thursday night, Henning conceded that she was “definitely guilty” of exceeding two hours, yet also said she was “shocked when I came back out, because I thought my hair appointment was going to be under two hours.”

“But you never know,” Henning said during her appeal hearing, held via videoconference. “For those of us who have blonde hair, sometimes it takes longer. It definitely took longer.

‘My First Haircut Since the COVID-19 Pandemic Began’: Parking Ticket Appeals 

Ticketed motorists recently field the following appeals letters for adjudication by the New Canaan Parking Commission. ***

“I am a college student and was so excited to have my first haircut since the covid-19 pandemic began. I arrived at my appointment early with anticipation and, as instructed, waited in my car on Burtis Avenue until my stylist was ready for me to enter her one studio salon. I was very mindful of my time and even set my watch to insure I did not go over the allotted time. Just as I was paying for my services and exiting the salon I saw the Parking Meter Attendant put the ticket on my car.