Town Upholds $30 Ticket Issued to New Canaan Woman Who Parked in Loading Zone

Town officials last week upheld a $30 ticket issued to a New Canaan woman who parked in a loading zone downtown. Sara Rehnberg told members of the Parking Commission during an appeal hearing Thursday that she thought the signs on the west side of South Avenue off of Elm Street were meant to prevent motorists from blocking the alley between an antiques store and the former Mackenzie’s space. “That was always my understanding,” she told the Commission during its regular meeting, held via videoconference. Rehnberg was ticketed at 12:16 p.m. on April 21 (a Wednesday) for parking in the loading zone. “I have parked there before, in the past.

‘I Even Asked a Passerby To Help Me’: Parking Ticket Appeals

Ticketed motorists and their spouses submitted the following appeals recently to the New Canaan Parking Commission. ***

“I feel I shouldn’t receive this ticket as there is no sign.”

—$30 for parking on the grass on Millport Ave., at 2:17 p.m. on April 20 (New Canaan resident)


“I tried to use my credit card in both directions and the machine would not accept it. I even asked a passerby to help me but it still didn’t work!”

—$25 for unpaid space in the Park Street Lot, at 12:44 p.m. on April 7 (Bedford, N.Y.)


“I came in to drop a check off to Vicki at Stone Techniques which is right behind the pay meter/box. The 15 min spots were full, so I parked around the back of the road (Cherry St). By the time I returned after handing Vicki the check I had a ticket.

‘This Is a Paradigmatic Shift’: Selectman Williams Calls on Parking Officials To Assess Post-COVID Demand for Commuter Permits

Saying demand for commuter lot permits likely will decline post-COVID, Selectman Nick Williams this week called for parking officials to assess the “new normal” for New Canaan. During Tuesday’s Board of Selectmen meeting, Williams called on the Parking Commission to “take a look at the Lumberyard, say, and determine that hey, for the foreseeable future and maybe forever, we are going to see a 20%, 30%, 40% reduction in usage.”

“Because folks just aren’t going into the city as much. I know that if you do go in twice a week or three times a week or once a week, the tendency will be to keep your commuter pass, just so you have the opportunity to use it and not face the hassle of having to find a spot. But this is a paradigmatic shift, I think, for all of us —and when I say ‘us’ I mean commuters. I myself foresee probably going into the office maybe 2.5 times per week.

Parking Officials Vote 4-0 To Recommend Keeping Permit Fees Flat

Parking officials last week voted unanimously to recommend holding fees for both commuter and commercial lots flat for next fiscal year. If approved by the selectmen, the Parking Commission’s recommendations would see permit rates for the Lumberyard, Richmond Hill, Talmadge Hill, Park Street, Morse Court and Telephone Lots remain as follows:


Commission Chair Keith Richey and members Peter Ogilvie, Laura Budd and Jennifer Donovan voted 4-0 in favor of the recommendations. The Commission has one open seat. Regarding fees at the commuter lots, Richey said the town should “leave it alone in view of the recovery from the COVID crisis.”

As it is, the town has already extended the parking permits for those lots—Lumberyard, Richmond Hill and Talmadge Hill—through March 31 and also suspended metered parking in those lots through month’s end. (The selectmen are expected to take up the question of whether to continue those extensions through June 30.)

The Commission voted separately to recommend holding the fees for the “commercial” lots flat.

‘The Doctor Was Running Late That Day’: Parking Ticket Appeals

Ticketed motorists submitted the following appeals recently to the New Canaan Parking Commission. ***

“My taillight was where the handicap sign started. There are pictures I have that prove the taillight is where the sign was. Majority of my car is in the 2-hr parking zone well within where I should be. I just started working again and cannot afford this ticket.”
—$150 for handicapped zone, at 10:35 a.m. on Feb.