‘Sky Blue Poles Seen Against the Sky’: Public Safety Antennas Proposed for West School, St. Luke’s

Town officials have received applications to affix radio antennas to existing structures at West and St. Luke’s Schools, part of a wider effort to improve communications for New Canaan’s first responders. The proposed 20.8-foot antenna at West School would be located atop of a building toward the rear of the campus, on a roof whose peak is about 28 feet from the ground, according to an application submitted to Planning & Zoning. The proposed 20-foot antenna at St. Luke’s would be affixed atop a brick chimney at a building alongside the football field, according to the school’s application.

Did You Hear … ?

The TV news with characteristic speed and attribution on Thursday aired a segment regarding the Parks & Recreation Commission’s discussion from last week about installing motion-activated trail cameras at Irwin Park to catch irresponsible dog owners. In the version that aired during NBC New York’s 5:30 p.m. broadcast, the reporter actually said: “Authorities say they will be watching. Good dog owners say they will too, to make sure their park stays number one despite the problem with number two.”


The Roger Sherman Inn on Wednesday applied for a building permit to remodel about 1,600 square feet of its interior space. Here’s how the Oenoke Ridge Road restaurant described the work in its application: “Wall removals to provide open seating. Three dining rooms will be converted to possible one space for banquet usage.

Did You Hear … ?

Urged by local leaders, dozens of New Canaanites attended Tuesday night’s ConnDOT hearing in Stamford on proposed service cuts to the New Canaan branch of Metro-North Railroad—reductions that government and business officials both have called potentially devastating. Scroll through the gallery above for photos and a transcription of First Selectman Kevin Moynihan’s comments at the hearing. ***

South School failed the most recent surprise health inspection of its cafeteria kitchen, and East School and New Canaan High School, as well as St. Luke’s School, also failed recent inspections. Food items in a 2-door Hobart at South were discarded after the cooler was found to be at 63.7 degrees—far higher than required—during a May 2, 2017 inspection.

P&Z Seeks Way To Influence Applications for Cell Towers on Private Property

Though a state agency has exclusive jurisdiction over applications to erect cell towers on private property, town officials said Tuesday night, New Canaan should try to update its Zoning Regulations such that they urge—if not require—applicants to check in with the local Planning & Zoning Commission so that standards such as setbacks are respected. New Canaan will have “real headaches” as efforts to improve wireless service move from using public land to private property, P&Z commissioner Laszlo Papp said during the group’s regular meeting, held in a crowded board room at Town Hall. “I am afraid that we will have a tremendous public outcry … but very little to do because this is going to be the [Connecticut] Siting Council’s business, not the town’s business—a little setback or minor adjustment—and I am not happy to sit here and listen to that kind of an outcry,” Papp said at the meeting, attended by about 40 people, forcing some into a hallway. The comments—addressed to a consultant who is advising the town on updating the telecom facilities section of its Zoning Regulations (see page 157 here)—come on the heels of a Soundview Lane resident disclosing that he’s pursuing what would be the first cell tower on private residential property in New Canaan (others already are installed on private property owned by the Country Club of New Canaan and Silver Hill Hospital). Keith Richey’s plan—outlined on a newly launched website—calls for a tower with a total height of 90 feet, to be mounted from a base that forms part of a 1,763-square-foot structure inside a 2,310-square-foot area, according to a site plan shared with NewCanaanite.com.

Letter: Clarifying St. Luke’s Position on a Cell Tower

Dear Editor,

I read your Facebook status update regarding an Op-Ed on the proposed cell tower and would like to make an essential clarification: St. Luke’s is not and was never in negotiations with the Town of New Canaan or any cell tower provider to place a tower on our campus. It is accurate that in April 2017 the town requested and was granted a meeting. They presented facts about the need for cell coverage and cited safety concerns. St. Luke’s expressed strong reservations about use of our campus and the conversation ended.