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Town Upholds $30 Ticket for Woman Who Parks in Loading Zone on Forest Street

Officials this month upheld a $30 ticket for a woman visiting family in New Canaan who had inadvertently parked in a loading zone on Forest Street. Jennifer Gubilaro told members of the Parking Commission at their most recent meeting that she had been going to Embody Fitness Gourmet for healthy drinks each morning, and found herself parking on either side of the street as close to the business as possible. Though she noticed the striping directly outside of Heritage Square, Gubilaro said during her appeal hearing, she only noticed the white lines on Forest Street designating the various parallel parking spaces and not the signage indicating a loading zone. “I just parked on the left and I looked on the street,” she said during the hearing, held at Town Hall. “I noticed those white things you park inside of and I thought it was a regular parking spot.”

It is, though for a few hours in the morning it’s a loading zone, according to a sign. Continue Reading →

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Parking Commission Votes 3-2 To Uphold $30 Ticket for New Canaan Man Who Parked in Loading Zone

Town officials last week voted 3-2 to uphold a $30 ticket for a man who admitted that he parked in a designated loading zone but said it was an honest mistake and he didn’t know about the rule there. Bob Landeck identified himself to members of the Parking Commission as a town resident for 22 years, and said he had parked out front of the former Thali building on Main Street on a Saturday to run into the People’s Bank for a few minutes. “I went to use the ATM machine and when I got back, he wrote me up,” Landeck told the Commission during a May 10 hearing on the ticket, held at Town Hall. “Now I think since it’s a brand new sign, I think maybe they should put a yellow thing on the curb, because now i notice the sign, but I did not notice a sign when I parked there.”

Ultimately, Commissioners Pam Crum, Chris Hering and Peter Ogilvie voted to uphold the ticket, while Chairman Keith Richey and Stuart Stringfellow voted to void. During deliberations, Ogilvie said: “I think all parking violations are honest mistakes and that is what [Parking Manager] Stacy [Miltenberg] makes her business out of.”

He added: “It’s not as though the sign was hiding behind something.”

Crum said: “There was no reason not to see it.”

The area directly in front of Thali, or the old “bank building” as many New Canaanites know it, has been a designated loading zone for more than two years. Continue Reading →

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Parking Department Launches New Email, Text Alert System

Seeking new ways to reach local motorists, the New Canaan Parking Department has launched a text and email alert service. By filling out a “Parking Alert Email Request Form”—available here on the department’s page on the municipal website—subscribers can get “updates on commuter lots, waitlist information and any other important parking notifications,” according to Parking Manager Stacy Miltenberg. The Google form is designed to “better serve New Canaan residents and commuters,” she said. Once people sign up for email or text notifications, or both, they’ll receive a confirmation through their chosen platform. The alert system comes as New Canaan takes steps to expand parking facilities and so reduce waiting times for permits at coveted lots. Continue Reading →

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Town Forgives $30 Ticket for Woman Who Parked in Lumberyard Lot without a Permit

Town officials recently voided a $30 ticket that had been issued to a New Canaan woman after she parked in the Lumberyard Lot at the train station downtown without a permit. Jennifer Frazer told members of the Parking Commission at their regular meeting last month that she rarely takes the train and usually catches it out of Stamford. But on the morning of Jan. 5, “the day after a really big storm,” her four-wheel drive car was “slipping all over the roads,” Frazer said during the commission’s March 8 meeting, held at Town Hall. “The parking lot was full, probably everybody had the same problem as me that day—they didn’t want to drive because it was too slippery,” Frazer said. Continue Reading →

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‘I Am Here Because I Don’t Think This Is Fair’: Woman Who Took Up Two Spaces Downtown Argues Her Way Out of $30 Ticket

Officials recently voided a $30 ticket issued to a Darien woman who admitted that she had obstructed two spaces in parking at Morse Court. Yet Alexandra Eising told members of the Parking Commission during an appeal hearing that she was forced to park over the line because the car next to her already was parked that way and she didn’t want someone else pulling in and dinging her two-week-old vehicle. Eising said she’d been in a rush to get to an 11 a.m. class at Go Figure and pulled into one of the straight spots up against the Mobil station. “I was rushing to get to my class and the car on the right side of me was so far over, so I parked far over because I didn’t want them to open their door into my car,” she said at the March 8 hearing, held in Town Hall. “So when I came back I was five minutes late, I got a late fine—which I deserved, because I was five minutes late—but I also got I took up two spots, so I said, Well that’s funny because my wheel is on the line. Continue Reading →

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