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Officials Consider Prohibiting Gas-Powered Car Owners from Using Electric Vehicle Parking Spots

New Canaan’s Parking Commission last week broached the idea of prohibiting the owners of gas-powered cars from parking their vehicles in the two spaces at Morse Court equipped with recharging stations for electric cars. Commission Chairman Keith S. Richey said during the group’s regular meeting that due to the growing popularity of electric cars, restricting access to those spaces would better serve both residents and visitors who own them. According to Richey, the town has resisted implementing the rule in the past because there were very few electric cars being driven in the area. “We have reached the tipping point where there’s enough electric cars that need to be charged when parked in New Canaan,” Richey said during the meeting, held at Town Hall. “So, I think that we should make it electric car-only parking in those two spots.”

Stacy Miltenberg, superintendent of the Parking Bureau, told the commission that she has witnessed electric car owners taking the wire from the recharging station and bringing it across to Cherry Street to charge their cars because the two parking spots at Morse Court were filled. Continue Reading →

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Parking Officials Open Discussion on Increasing Parking Times on Elm Street from 90 Minutes to Two Hours

New Canaan’s Parking Commission on Thursday broached the possibility of extending the parking limit in the heart of the downtown from 90 minutes to two hours due to the increasing requests of residents who dine, shop and conduct business downtown on a regular basis. Stacy Miltenberg, superintendent of the Parking Bureau, said she’s hearing residents who park on Elm Street voicing similar concerns to those that prompted officials to boost the limit on Main Street to two hours, namely, it’s “located in an area where there’s doctor’s offices, salons, and people sometimes need more than two hours and they can’t pay for it.”

“I have not heard anybody complain that they’ve never had enough time when they’re parking [at Main Street], so it seems to be working well,” Miltenberg told members of the commission during their regular meeting, held at Town Hall. Miltenberg said that in addition to residents coming into her office and telling her that when meeting with friends for coffee or a meal on Elm Street, often 90 minutes just isn’t enough, if the parking limit were increased, it would have a positive impact on parking enforcement employees. Therefore, she recommended that the parking limit for every downtown street should be two hours. “The streets are all different times,” she said. Continue Reading →

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‘I’m Not Out There To Ticket People’: Meet Marianne and Michael, the Town’s New Parking Enforcement Officers

Michael Esposito, an active volunteer firefighter here since 2011 and first lieutenant in the New Canaan Fire Department, doesn’t see many people during the first part of his shift with the Parking Bureau. In the mornings, he oversees the outskirts of downtown—primarily the long-term lots around the train station. Yet in the afternoon he gets to the business permit and pay station lots—such as Locust Avenue and Center School—and in interacting with members of the community then, Esposito said he likes “to educate them before I give them a ticket.”

“I will catch people a lot of times pulling into a space and walking past the meter, or pulling into a loading zone and not looking at the signs, and I will catch them and tell them ‘Hey listen,’ and try not to give them a ticket. I try to educate them. I feel like that’s something a lot of people don’t know: I’m not out there to ticket people.”

He added: “I took this position because I thought it would be a better opportunity to serve the town, help the town.”

Together with Marianne Borschardt, Esposito is the newest member of the Parking Bureau. Continue Reading →

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Town Publishes Waiting Lists for Commuter Parking Lot Permits

Town officials now are publishing online the waiting lists for the three commuter parking lots most in demand in New Canaan, at the Lumberyard, Richmond Hill and Talmadge Hill. The lists (they can be found here) will be updated monthly, according to Stacy Miltenberg, superintendent of the New Canaan Parking Bureau. Their publication follows a major effort undertaken by the bureau to “clean up” the waiting lists. Prompted by the Parking Commission, the town last year instituted a $10 annual fee to stay on the lists, and Miltenberg and her department spent several months reaching out to applicants to ensure they still were actively waiting. “When we cleaned up the waitlists back in September, the Parking Commission felt it was a good idea to publish them, because people constantly called to find out where they are,” Miltenberg told Continue Reading →

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New Canaan Parking Enforcement Officers Now on Bikes, Too

Parking enforcement officers who long have patrolled downtown New Canaan on foot or from one of three town-issued vehicles, now can be seen keeping motorists out of loading zones, handicapped spaces and crosswalks from bicycles. Days after the start of a fiscal year that saw a request for a fourth vehicle pushed out, the New Canaan Parking Bureau acquired two bicycles for enforcement officers’ use, according to Stacy Miltenberg, head of the department. “We have a bike patrol,” she told members of the Parking Commission at their meeting last Thursday night, held in Town Hall. “We have four people. We only have three cars. Continue Reading →

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