Letter: Ensure Model of the Proposed Oenoke Facility Is ‘True to Scale’

I first saw the model of the proposed Oenoke facility on the New Canaanite’s website. I wrote a letter to the New Canaanite expressing relief that a model of the Oenoke Facilty had finally been provided at the December 17th P & Z meeting. I did not go to that meeting because I am a senior and was concerned about the ice. My letter said the model was much needed but it did not go far enough to illustrate the drainage problems and excessive height from the perspective of the 165 Oenoke condos that lie directly beneath it. I propose the newly created model should be expanded to extend down the slope through the condos to the drainage pond/marsh at its foot on Heritage Hill Road.

Op-Ed: The Right Time and Place for Senior Independent Living

At Tuesday evening’s Planning & Zoning Commission meeting, I made closing comments on behalf of Waveny LifeCare Network and in support of their proposed development on Oenoke Ridge. The hearing on this application was held open until the Jan. 28 P&Z meeting. I am writing to share those thoughts with all members of the New Canaan Community, in hopes that residents might spend time over the holidays considering the issue:

My name is Leo Karl III, an almost lifelong resident, business owner, and current vice chair of the Waveny LifeCare Network Board. On behalf of myself, everyone at Waveny and the residents of New Canaan, I extend a huge ‘thank you’ to the members of New Canaan’s Planning & Zoning Commission.