New Foosball, Ping Pong Tables Popular at ‘Hot Spot’ Waveny Pool

Many New Canaanites spend their summer relaxing by the pool—especially one in particular: Waveny pool. An increasingly popular Dog Days destination, especially during the sustained hot days that New Canaan is seeing this week, the Waveny pool through the summer hosts a whole range of activities: The Waveny Gators teams welcome children ages 7  to 17 to participate in swimming and diving teams, and children 10 to 13 to be a part of the water polo team. During their season, the teams practice each morning, and participate in meets against the Roxbury Club, Rocky Point Club, Roton Point Club, Middlesex Club, Shore & Country Club—the Gators finished up recently with a meet against Newfield Swim Club (summer home of NCHS math teacher David Fine). Kids’ athletics are held in the morning and the pool tends to get busier for visitors in the afternoons, according to Recreation Director Steve Benko. “The best time [to go to the pool] is probably in the afternoon, around 2 o’clock.