17 thoughts on “‘That Is a Guy That I Love’: Friends and Colleagues Remember New Canaan’s Bo Hickey

  1. I’m devastated to hear this news. Proud..We were at Maryland same time. Hellov football player. A wonderful human being, caring, thoughtful, genuinely kind. Rest in peace. One of many who will remember & miss you.

  2. Great article. Bo was — without a doubt— the greatest coach I ever had. Hundreds of former high school athletes are better off because of Bo. He’s as genuine as they come and will be missed.

  3. Bailey and I are deeply saddened, absolutely loved Bo and will deeply miss him.
    We are thankful we visited him in January before leaving Feb 1st.
    Our hearts and prayers go out to Gail and all her wonderful family.

  4. A very nice tribute. What an amazing legacy!
    Our thoughts are with Gail, Scott, Jenna, and the Overbeck family.

  5. R.I.P. Coach Bo Hickey, you were a fantastic man and mentor. It was a pleasure to play football for you. God Bless you and your family 🙏🙏

  6. A man who never minced words – pushed you to get the most out of you – and someone you never wanted to fail or disappoint. Without knowing it his coaching molded many of us for who we are today – decades after graduating. Will look forward to seeing you in the beyond coach – “cut it up!!!”

  7. May Heaven await him! Our family has nothing less than fond thoughts and appreciation.
    Blessings and comfort to the family.

    Fagan Family

  8. Bo was a true gentleman – a gentle giant. Bo truly enjoyed reeling in a big one with longtime fishing buddy Joe Vrtiak. He will be sorely missed.

    • So glad Joe is acknowledged. No one was more welcomed on that boat than Joe!!! No one Bo wouldn’t rather be with with the exception of Gail, her boys and grandchildren

      What a friend he was of Bo’s. Thank you Janet.

  9. We loved Bo, so very much! He and Gail and her boys were part of our family. We were there to support him and his teams- even though we had two girls. When they were at NCHS in the 90’s, we knew he always watched out for them. He was a great coach, a great friend and he will certainly be missed. Sending love and hugs and sympathy❤️

  10. My family lived in New Canaan for more than 100 years and Bo and I met in the 70’a, I was a swimming coach at the NC YMCA.

    Bo and I served on the board of Directors at Woodland Cemetery in Stamford.

    Bo joined us, to help strengthen our grounds personnel , which of course he did in grand fashion.

    This man will be missed, Rest in Peace!

  11. Bo was the Staples offensive line coach for our 1975 undefeated season. Without him, we would not have won all of the games. I don’t think he was happy how the team was run. I remember pushing the sled with him standing on it, blowing his whistle . Every one respected him at Staples. He was a Great man. R.I.P. Coach 🙏

  12. Back in 1970 when I was in 8th grade at the old Saxe Middle school, Bo was the monitor during lunch time. All of us would flock to him. He had that no nonsense demeanor back then as a 25 year old, and he was such a likeable person, Bo had a fake tooth in front so every once in a while he would take it out for laughs. So it got to be everyday we would ask him to take out his tooth and he wouldn’t take it out until the very end of lunchtime,just to please us young kids. All that said, I am very much thankful for Bo Hickey. He was asked to coach one of the 2 football teams that year and I played for him. He was a tremendous inspiration to me in getting to love the game of football. God bless Bo Hickey

  13. My coach for 4 yrs with the Stamford Sabres. From Crystal rink,, to Katona Harvey School sumer leagues, to ultimately our home ice in Stamford Terry Conners rink.. There will never be another “Bo”. I’m damn proud to have played for him and I have the utmost respect for my coach as I was one of those kids who got chewed out with one liners, then felt great afterwords, having learned to play ice hockey with a passion and the right way! We had a great 2 hour breakfast at the Country diner, same Bo, my coach. I, along with many former Stamford Sabres will miss our coach. May he rest in peace.

  14. Thanks Michael for that terrific tribute to Bo Hickey….Bo was a man of few words but when he spoke we listened because he always made sense……He was one of the finnest athletes to ever come out of Connecticut and as a coach he was an inspiration to everyone that played for him or against him.
    Many people might not know this but when Wilky Gilmore, New Canaans favorite son , died it was Bo who supplied the headstone so Wilky would never be forgotten….
    Bo had that dry humor about him….when New Canaan was playing Windsor in a semi-final state football game at East Haven High School Bo walked by me as Windsor was warming up…I said Bo that’s the biggest team I have ever seen…..Bo turns to me and says ” they don’t have their shoulder pads on yet”. Classic Bo.
    To Gail…My deepest sympathy. We lost a great man.

  15. As a student at the Univ. Of Maryland and being from Norwalk, I would ride home to Connecticut with Bo, Gus Sclafani from Stamford and Jerry Fishman from Norwalk. Even as a 18 and 19 year old kids you could tell Bo was special.
    Rest in peace my friend.

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