Third Time’s the Charm: Spiga Opens on Main Street


After two failed restaurant ventures at 136 Main St., owners of the recently opened Spiga are hoping to buck the trend that first sank Tuscan and more recently, Barolo.

And if foot traffic and response are early indicators, it seems as though the third time is indeed the charm.

Since its soft opening earlier this month, Spiga has New Canaan denizens abuzz with favorable and enthusiastic praise for their Northern Italian cuisine. The motto at Spiga is ‘Eat – Drink – Play,’ and while I personally can’t speak for the ‘play’ part of it there is something for everyone on the voluminous menu for diners of all types.

Gone are Barolo’s sectioned dining areas, walk-in wine refrigerator and antipasti bar, replaced with a large, open space replete with oversized booths, communal tables with seating for 130 people. There is also a 21-seat bar and semi-open kitchen, separated from the dining room by a fresh pasta, meat and cheese counter.

Diners should not overlook the top of the menu, as a terrific selection of fresh-sliced meats and cheeses could suffice as a meal on its own. Prices for both the formaggi and salumi range from $8.50 to $13.50, or you can order combinations from $19.50 to $29.50.

Expertly charred pizzas emerge from Spiga’s brick oven at an accelerated rate, from simple Margherita ($14) to the decadent Manzo ($19) which features fresh mozzarella and fontina, steak, wild mushrooms and truffle oil.

Highlights of the Italian tapas section ($9-$15) include lobster mac and cheese ($15), grilled octopus ($15) and perfectly cooked baby lamb chops ($15). Roasted brussels sprouts ($9) with pancetta and honey truffle oil were an indulgent treat.

Pasta at Spiga ($17-$23) is homemade and cooked to perfection, with solid versions of fettucine bolognese ($19), linguine carbonara ($20) and rigatoni alla vodka ($18). The pasta is also available to take out and cook at home.

For those seeking lighter fare, Spiga’s menu features no less than 15 salads, ranging in price from $12 to $22. Early favorites include the roasted beet salad ($15) and the New England Lobster Cobb ($22).

Traditional main entrees such as Veal Parmigiana ($23), Chicken Scarpariello ($23) and Veal Milanese ($23) are on the menu along with seafood options such as Branzino Floridian ($23) served over lentils with avocado, mango relish, jalapeno cream and a can’t-miss lobster pot-pie ($26) served with a sherry cream sauce. Spiga also has a signature house burger ($15) made with Kobe beef with cheddar, bacon, onions and lettuce and served with home fries.

Dessert highlights include a mint-infused tiramisu and a vanilla bean creme brulee. The wine list is well-balanced and fairly priced, accompanied by a robust martini and cocktail menu.

While detractors might be quick to point out the increased noise level of the space, it’s not unlike another of co-owner Dan Camporeale’s successful restaurants, Molto in Fairfield. Along with fellow owner Rose Dionne, Camporeale has Spiga is running at a remarkably smooth rate so early in its inception, with top-notch service and execution from the kitchen.

And the best part is, as good as it is now, Spiga will get even better with time.

8 thoughts on “Third Time’s the Charm: Spiga Opens on Main Street

  1. We had a poor experience at Spiga. Over cooked and inedible pastas warm salads on a 95 degree evening. Not to mention the extremely loud noise level. We won’t be going back.

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed celebrating our anniversary there with our daughter.

    Chris their manager took our reservation a few days before when I joined a friend for lunch.

    My baranzino severed over my special requested arugula salad was the best I’ve had in a very long time. The sushi grade tuna was fresh and wonderful as well.

    We had home made stuffed ravioli along with a great arrugula salad.

    We brought a special bottle of Camus
    Cabernet with us and they comped us their very reasonable $20 corkage fee as an anniversary gift.

    The acoustics are not great. When I mention this to them, Chris said a solution was in the works.

    I believe the third iteration is indeed
    well done!

  3. Been there a few times and haven’t been disappointed yet. I also met the manager I think it was Chris and he was very helpful with our party although they only take reservations for large parties(6 or more). He assured me we wouldn’t have to wait long and upon arrival was there to help us be seated right away. Food was top notch although it was a little noisy.

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