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‘It’s Really Good TV’: New Canaan’s Rich Riley Co-Produces Game Show ‘Beat Shazam,’ Premiering Thursday Night on FOX

New Canaan residents have accomplished a great deal, creating landmark homes, beloved books, memorable films and timeless music. This week, the town can add ‘primetime network TV game shows’ to that list. Rich Riley is the CEO of Shazam, the wildly popular music app used over 20 million times per day, and one of the executive producers of “Beat Shazam,” which will premiere at 8 p.m. Thursday on FOX. To be hosted by Oscar-winning actor Jamie Foxx, the new and highly anticipated “Name That Tune”-type show integrates Shazam’s mobile app in unique ways, opening a new level of home viewers’ participation through technology. “I feel great,” Riley said. Continue Reading →

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Two Out-of-Town Men Arrested in iPhone Scam

On Saturday afternoon, police arrested two men, ages 20 and 27, on charges of conspiracy, larceny defined and third-degree larceny. Police were dispatched to Douglas Road at 11:30 a.m. on a report of suspicious males who had approached a residence five to six times in a span of 20 minutes, according to a police report. Both men—the 20-year-old from Pennsylvania, the other from New York City—said that the package had been shipped to the residence incorrectly and that they were attempting to claim it, the report said. The package was later found to contain an iPhone, and a subsequent investigation determined that inside of the vehicle that the men were driving, there were up to six new iPhones, multiple wire transfer receipts and various addresses of homes in New Canaan on an app on one of the suspect’s phone, it said. Police determined, based on the evidence and witness statements, that the suspects purchased the iPhones fraudulently and attempted to intercept them after the package had been delivered but before the homeowners became aware of the package at their front door, the report said. Continue Reading →

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‘The Ball Is in Your Court’: New Canaan High School Seniors Begin Internships

Starting May 16, scores of New Canaan High School seniors have flooded local businesses and organizations in New Canaan and throughout Fairfield County to teach kindergarten, shuck oysters, plant onions and otherwise gain what for many has been first-time, first-hand real world work experience. The Senior Internship Program is seeing 269 students participating this year—that’s 83 percent of the senior class and a 23 percent increase from 2016. The program offers a wide range of internships, from law offices and local government to nature and environmental science agencies. NCHS Senior Internship Coordinator Heather Bianco said she believes the program helps students learn concepts that cannot be taught in a traditional school environment. “I think the [the program] not only provides a hands-on learning experience for students that they can’t get from school, but also helps them decide on their career path,” Bianco said. Continue Reading →

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DUI Charge for 61-Year-Old Woman After Failing to Stop at Red Light


Police early Monday night arrested a 61-year old Ridgefield woman for driving a vehicle under the influence and failure to obey a control signal. At 1:25 a.m. on May 22, an officer on patrol observed her car run a red light at the intersection of Main and Cherry Streets, according to a police report. After pulling the woman over, the officer spoke with her and detected signs of intoxication. The officer then conducted sobriety tests which the woman failed, it said. She was taken into custody and refused to submit to a blood alcohol content test after arriving at the police station. Continue Reading →

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‘Enjoy the Fruits of New Canaan’: High Marks for New Sidewalk Connecting Elm Street to Irwin Park (That Sign, Though)

New Canaan residents say they’re pleased with the town’s efforts and believe that it is an improvement over the narrow grass verge that had paralleled Weed Street in terms of aesthetics, use and safety. New Canaan resident Kristin Redaelli, while pushing her child in a stroller on Wednesday morning, said that the sidewalk is a major improvement. “It’s very convenient, safe for kids, and great to get to town now,” she said. “[On the grass], it was harder to push a stroller. Often times, I would have to jump on the road, and then I was a little nervous with the cars because they were going pretty fast.”

Kelly Leather, who was walking her dog, said that the sidewalk allows her to feel safer. Continue Reading →

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