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Arrests and investigations out of the New Canaan Police Department as well as coverage of activity from New Canaan Fire Co. No. 1, including capital projects, staff promotions and work with community groups. We post tips and services from the New Canaan Fire Marshal as well as community events that involve police, fire and paramedics, such as the annaul Fishing Derby, talks at venues such as New Canaan Library and bulletins from officials in each organization.

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Police: Driver Who Caused Power Outage May Have Fallen Asleep at the Wheel

The motorist who snapped the stabilizing wire on a Smith Ridge Road utility pole on Sunday afternoon, triggering a major power outage in New Canaan, is a 50-year-old Greenwich man who may have fallen asleep at the wheel, officials say. At about 4:44 p.m., New Canaan Police were dispatched to the area of 364 Smith Ridge Road on a report that a vehicle had traveled off of the roadway, crashing into a rock wall and striking the guy-wire, according to a police report. The man had been traveling southbound on Route 123 and couldn’t recall why he traveled off of the roadway other than he may have fallen asleep while driving, the report said. His car could be seen at rest in Hannan Field near Twin Pond Lane on Sunday evening. No other vehicles were involved and the man was not seriously hurt, officials said. Continue Reading →

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More Than 1,000 New Canaan Homes Lose Power Following Single-Car Crash on Smith Ridge Road Sunday Afternoon [UPDATE]

Update 7:21 p.m.

Power has been restored to nearly all New Canaan homes, according to Eversource. Update 6:38 p.m.

Eversource officials say they expect power in New Canaan to be restored by 8 p.m. Sunday. Original Article

More than 1,000 New Canaan homes lost power late Sunday afternoon after a pole-mount transformer blew on Smith Ridge Road following a single-car crash. A sedan traveling southbound on Smith Ridge Road appears to have crossed into the oncoming traffic lane just south of Canoe Hill Road, clipped a guy wire that flipped into the primary, then crashed through the stone wall and into Hannan Field, according to officials at the scene. The accident occurred around 4:39 p.m., according to fire dispatch records. Continue Reading →

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Felony Assault Charge for New Canaan Woman with Wood Candle Holder

Police late Saturday arrested a 24-year-old New Canaan woman on a felony charge following a report that she had struck another woman on the head with a wood candle holder. At about 8:35 p.m. on April 22, officers were dispatched to a Canoe Hill Road home on a report of the assault, police said. There, they observed the victim, “very shaken” and with blood on her forehead, according to a police report. The victim told police that the assailant—Elizabeth Skae—had become upset when she couldn’t find her wallet and thought the victim had taken it, the report said. Skae then picked up the wood candle holder and struck the victim on the forehead, causing a laceration, it said. Continue Reading →

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Felony Violation of a Protective Order, Tampering Charges for Out-of-State Man

Police on Tuesday morning arrested a 31-year-old Providence, R.I. man by warrant and charged him with criminal violation of a protective order, a felony offense. At about 8 a.m. on April 18, New Canaan Police traveled to a prison in Rhode Island to take custody of the man, according to a police report. He additionally was charged with tampering with a witness, also a felony charge, and second-degree threatening, which typically is a misdemeanor. The warrant related to an attempt last October to get a witness to recant testimony for a pending criminal case in Rhode Island, according to police. It isn’t clear what the case involved, how the witness or arrested man figured into it or what was the nature of the threats. Continue Reading →

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Police Chief: Investigation into Oenoke Ridge Youth Party Nearing Conclusion, Discussion of Criminal Charges Underway

Authorities are nearing the end of their investigation into a youth party at an Oenoke Ridge Road home last month at which a juvenile male was seriously hurt, Police Chief Leon Krolikowski said Wednesday night. Asked to speak generally about criteria that officials use in deciding whether or not to bring criminal charges in such cases, the chief said, “It’s probable cause.”

“If we believe a crime has been committed then we apply for an arrest warrant for the offenders and the state’s attorney signs off on it or not,” Krolikowski said during the Police Commission’s meeting, held in the training room at NCPD. “But in a case like this we like to review all the facts beforehand with the state’s attorney so that we are all on the same page.”

Asked whether police had applied yet for an arrest warrant, he said: “Not yet, no, but that’s in the very near future.”

Police put out a public call for information about the March 25 party and received a “strong” response, Krolikowski said, though as with any major incident, “there were lots of rumors.”

“Many were unfounded,” the chief said. “There was some legitimacy to parts of the information we received and we had to compile it all. That is coming to a conclusion very soon, with a discussion with the state’s attorney about criminal charges.”

It isn’t clear whether police broke up the party, where it was, whether alcohol or drugs were involved, what was the nature of the young man’s injury, how old he is or how he was injured. Continue Reading →

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