$136 Fine for Woman with Off-Leash Dog at Waveny


Police issued a ticket to a 52-year-old New Canaan woman on a recent morning for having an off-leash dog at Waveny.

The Labradoodle owner had been seen with her dog off-leash on the park’s trails in the past and received verbal warnings by the Animal Control section of the New Canaan Police Department, officials said.

In this instance, at about 10 a.m. on Feb. 27, she parked near the Carriage Barn Arts Center and allowed her leash-less dog to hop out of the car and walk down along an access road toward a trailhead, according to Animal Control.

The fine is $136 total—that’s $90 for the infraction and $46 for a state processing fee—for have a dog off-leash in a park.

As per Section 108-8 of the Town Code: “Except in a dog run established by the Town, no person shall bring any dog into any public park, public playground, public school grounds, public parking lot, public street or sidewalk unless the dog is on a leashor lead that is no more than 25 feet in length and under the control of its owner or keeper at all times. No person shall allow any dog to dig up, mutilate, deface or destroy any such Town-owned properties.”

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