Attorneys: ‘Notice to Quit’ Served on Elm Street Business That Has Failed to Make Rent Payments


Attorneys for a property owner on Elm Street filed a complaint in state Superior Court in Norwalk last week saying a commercial tenant failed to pay rent in December or January.

According to the complaint, filed by Stamford-based Carmody, Torrance, Sandk and Hennessey LLP, Hamptonite also had failed to pay an additional $12,000 in rent after signing a lease in January 2017, and had was served a Notice to Quit the property on Feb. 28.

An owner of the women’s clothing store declined to comment on the record when reached by

“Despite Landlord’s service of the Notice of Default, Tenant failed to cure its default within the time period specified in the default provision of the Lease,” the complaint said. “Furthermore, Tenant failed to pay the Rent due on February 1, 2018.”

A copy of the lease is attached to the complaint.

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