Beanie Banks, 13


Beanie Banks Oei of New Canaan.

Beanie Banks, cherished Weimaraner of Elizabeth Oei, died Friday, Sept. 11 following a diagnosis earlier this year of nasal adenocarcinoma.

Beanie Banks Oei of New Canaan.

He was 13.

Beanie was predeceased by brother Cosmo.

Born Aug. 19, 2007, he came to Oei through New York State Weimaraner Rescue at age six months. Insecure and shy, he bonded tightly with his brother Big Momo.

A certified Delta Therapy Dog and Canine Good Citizen, he was the unofficial mascot of New Canaan Emergency Medical Services, joining Oei for every shift she was on duty. Wordlessly, Beanie provided support to New Canaan Police on days of high stress amid extreme trauma, offering a head on a lap or nose on a hand.

He was a Zumbach’s regular.

Beanie had a small supporting role with Vince Vaughn in the movie “Brawl in Cell Block 99,” and can be seen within the first 15 minutes of the film. 

A born gourmand, Beanie lived his entire life unaware that he was not human.

He suffered greatly after losing his brother in November 2018, and never completely recovered.

He left the way he lived—quietly, dignified, surrounded by family and love and handsome as ever. 

Beanie is with Cosmo now, chasing bunnies and squirrels.

10 thoughts on “Beanie Banks, 13

  1. I’m so sorry for your loss, a true friendship is a forever gift. Beanie had a wonderful life. Such a beautiful tribute to your sweet boy.

  2. Elizabeth, I am so very sorry to read of your loss of Beanie. You were both so fortunate to have found each other. He was such a sweet and loveable Weimie who brought joy to all he met. May he RIP. Condolences to you.

  3. I am so sorry for your loss. Beanie is not only beautiful but sounds like a once in a lifetime dog! We believe dogs are family.

  4. Elizabeth,
    I am sorry to see and hear this news. Beanie was a kind and gentle pup who brought happiness to the entire HOH complex but mostly to you. On behalf of myself and the rest of the Sedona Group staff we are deeply sorry for your loss and are always here if you need anything.

  5. Elizabeth, so sorry to read that you lost your boy… I remember taking care of your two kids many years ago .. sending hugs your way

  6. Dear Elizabeth so sorry to hear about your sweet boy. He and his brother had a fabulous life of travel, friendship, great food, security and oh so much love! It will take time to heal but they will always be watching over you and that will give you peace. Sending healing thoughts and love your way.
    Love Jackie and Jovany

  7. Ms Elizabeth I’m crying sad tears for your loss and crying a few of joy knowing they will be on the other side to welcome and comfort.

  8. Elizabeth,
    For some it’s hard to understand the love and bond we have with our four legged children _ especially when they are truly special. Be thankful the time you had this summer as he made you chuckle, snuggle and yes sometimes cry. Yes they are all special but some a little more than others. Hugs to you and in time hoping you can open your heart up again.

  9. Banksy was such a gentleman. He let me sit in his chair when I visited his mama, shared the couch with me and made sure my visit to Connecticut was full of guided sniffs and peepee trips. He showed me his major film debut on “Brawl in Cell Block 99” and even his local farmers market.

    Thank you Banksy for showing me a night on the town, I’ll never forget ya for it.

    Xox Sarah

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