9 thoughts on “Board of Ed Chair To Step Away Temporarily Following Drunk-Driving Arrest

  1. It’s bad enough that we’ve elected someone to our Board of Education who’s so clearly indifferent to his own failings of judgment. But to confer any degree of trust in an individual who doesn’t know how to call an Uber in 2023?
    Um, yikes.

    • Maybe he got the idea from your January column that made light of substance abuse Laura. In case you forgot… you lede: ” There are few experiences that are more boring than someone yammering on about how successful their Dry January has been, so let me be the first to assure you that this column was written with a glass of my favorite Spanish white wine by my side.” I guess criticism is easier than compassion if you disagree with someone politically. It can also turnout to be a contradiction as it has in this case.

      • I don’t believe we’ve met, Richard, and you’re a bit bold to claim familiarity with my voting record OR what a journalistic lede is, because it’s… not that. So I’ll restate my point: drunk driving is absolutely inexcusable in this era of ridesharing apps. Mr. Bennett can slam Bud Lights like it’s 1999; I really don’t care. But when he makes it a public safety issue and wishes to keep a leadership role in this community, I do. Addiction may deserve compassion, but stupidity doesn’t.

        You should learn to read more carefully; perhaps then, you’d discover that “turn out” is two words when used as a verb.

      • Ridiculous. Nobody gets the “idea” to drink and drive from reading a news column. Accountability and compassion is the appropriate response.

  2. Mr Bennett was a member of newly elected school board members who arrived with an agenda. An agenda that was as much about ideology as education. Consistent with a trend elsewhere in the country, Mr Bennett voted to remove the school system’s laudable attempt to implement a DEI policy within the school system. In light of the unfortunate events of April 20, Mr Bennett’s commitment to New Canaan’s public schools is undermined by his own behaviour. In this context we can wonder if his only commitment was to overturn a needed initiative and little more.

    • As if the desired implementation of DEI isn’t about ideology. Give me a break.

  3. A Serious Drunk Driving arrest DURING Safe Driving week ? How there is not a BiPartisan Unified demand for his resignation is inconceivable and truly a very sad reminder of how far we have come from decency.

  4. When someone has an illness and is working through the stages of admission of that illness that is the time to show grace to that person. The lack of patience and kindness shown to this individual reflects poorly on those who purport to be the most caring and concerned citizens in this town. Take a breath, remember a time you also failed to live up to expectations and show others you truly walk on the side of righteousness and figure out how you would like to be of help. Everyone goes through hell – don’t be the self-righteous accuser or defamer.