Biz on Biz: Weed & Duryea on Favorite New Canaan Foods

In this installment of Biz on Biz, we traveled to Weed & Duryea on Grove Street to ask about a favorite product or service of another business in New Canaan. The hardware store, which has been running as long as our town’s railroad system, was founded soon after Francis E. Weed returned from the Civil War in 1865, historians say. Inside, we asked retail manager Barry Coleman about local favorites and he responded by reviewing New Canaan eateries he likes most. The first place he mentioned was Chinese restaurant Ching’s Table, right on Main Street. “I’ve been going there for years,” said Coleman, a Trumbull resident.

Biz on Biz: Mackenzie’s Enjoys Eating At Ching’s Table

For this installment of Biz on Biz—a chance for local business owners and workers to tell us about a favorite product or service from a fellow merchant—we caught up with South Avenue mainstay Mackenzie’s. When we decided to to take a look inside the newspaper, candy, greeting card, and office supply store, we spoke with owner, Jim Berry, to find out about his favorite places in New Canaan. Immediately Berry responded telling the New Canaanite that he liked all of the restaurants in New Canaan. “Well I like the restaurants,” Berry said. “They are all very good.”

Although Berry likes all of the restuarants in town, Ching’s Table would have to be favorite.

Biz on Biz: Design Solutions Loves Gingerbitz; New Canaan Olive Oil Enjoys Pennyweights and Francos Wine Merchants

For this installment of Biz on Biz, we caught up with two New Canaan businesses, Design Solutions and New Canaan Olive Oil. When we peeked our heads in Design Solutions we spoke with the owner, Pauline Dora and asked her about her favorite businesses in town. Pauline immediately commented that she loved all of the local businesses in New Canaan, but her favorite meal would have to be from Gingerbitz, the bakery across the street from her store on Elm Street. “Gingerbitz, they have great food,” Pauline said. When asked what she liked at the bakery Pauline told the New Canaanite that the salad was her favorite.

Biz on Biz: The Candy Scoop Brings Italian Ices Back to New Canaan

The Summer Internship Program is sponsored by Baskin-Robbins, Connecticut Sandwich Co., Joe’s Pizza and Mackenzie’s. On a recent afternoon, we poked our head into New Canaan Music for another edition of our Biz on Biz feature, where we ask one local merchant to pick a personal favorite item or service at another shop. This time we talked with store owner Phil Williams to hear what items or services in town caught New Canaan Music’s eye. As it turned out, it was the chilling Italian ices at their neighbor’s shop, The Candy Scoop, that yielded the most praise. “We like the Italian ices over at Candy Scoop because they’re great and our students love them—there’s nothing better after a music lesson than an Italian ice,” Mr. Williams said.

Biz on Biz: Island Outfitters Loves the Jewelry, Handbags at She la la

For this installment of “Biz on Biz”—where we wander into a New Canaan businesses and ask the people who work there for a personal favorite item or service at another downtown biz—we came upon the staff in Island Outfitters at 80 Main St. The clothing and accessories store—one of seven, the company is headquartered in Newport, R.I.—is marking 20 years in 2014. Inside, manager Ann Donovan told us she that one of her favorite spots for shopping in New Canaan is She la la at 120 Main. “They have cute jewelry and they do monogramming on handbags, and they’re great for giving as gifts for people,” Donovan said. The cross-body handbags at She la la come in about 10 different colors and are among the most popular that the store carries, manager Virginia Utley said.