2 thoughts on “Construction of New Features at Dunning Stadium To Start in June

  1. I understand that football is the end all be all for NCHS. I am sure I will turn friends into foe. However, enough with the over the top sports money spending. I have always had a problem with the fact that football, lax, baseball, not just in NC, is where the $ goes. There are many kids out there who don’t play these sports. Take the squash, rowing , ski, tennis, golf etc clubs/teams. They get practally $0 from any funds. Years ago when I was solicited by the NCAC to the tune of $250(8 years ago) , I was told the money goes to all the teams. When my sons
    entered NCHS they joined the ski team and the NCHS crew team. One also played soccer. At the time, a friend of mine worked closely with NCAC and she told me they money I donated doesn’t go to any of the sports my kids play, at the time soccer hardly saw a dime. That was the first and only time I ever donated.
    The ski team racers had to purchase their own race suits, then we’re asked to donate them, because they are so expensive and some kids could not afford them. While the “big ticket teams pretty much get anything”. When my boys were at the high school, less than 2 years ago, the rowing club received no money, the ski team is basically being told they may have to discontinue since parents fund the whole thing and it is getting expensive. Conversations with athletic director falls on deaf ears as much as they like to say money is distributed evenly. We had a conversation, with a name I will withhold, but basically told us that if it were up to him he would get rid of the “club teams”. Well folks, personally I would rather have a whole community of high school kids have their sports funded, with the press box money the town contributed to the athletic fund, then a handful of football, lax and soccer teams.

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