One thought on “District Enrollment Projected To Decrease by 81 Students Next Year

  1. Thank you Michael for highlighting this study (I encourage residents to look at the details on the BOE website). Based on the pandemic, and real estate news, you would think we would be seeing a projected increase. On top of this the largest age group in the U.S. is 25-29 year olds followed by 30-34 year olds (both should be prime candidates to move to New Canaan over the next 5-10 years). We should work together as a town to see how we can make New Canaan even more appealing and easy to move to for new residents.
    My pre-Covid views centered on better rail service to NYC and more full-day daycare spots (especially aged 3 and under) – but I am sure many others have better ideas (also in a post Covid world). The challenge for our education budget (and by extension town residents) I expect is we may have a good deal of fixed costs – so perhaps declining enrollment does not really save the town much money. Perhaps instead the town will lose some tax revenue due to presumably fewer residents – unless we are increasing the proportion of residents without kids in school (others would know better than me). Anyway we slice it an important issue for us all to understand and think about as we set budget priorities for next year and beyond.

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