Donations Needed To Support ‘Holiday Lights’ in Downtown New Canaan


The holiday lights illuminating trees on Elm Street. New Canaan Chamber of Commerce photo

The New Canaan Chamber of Commerce is calling on residents to support one of the town’s most cherished holiday traditions.

The thousands of soft white LED lights that New Canaan’s Hutchinson Tree Care Specialists Inc. for decades has woven into the trees on Elm, Main and Forest Streets, as well as Morse Court, are supported by individual contributions made to a tax-deductible Chamber charitable foundation.

Since 2008, residents’ generosity has ensured support for the lights, and the Chamber developed the tax-deductible foundation in recent years.

“Let’s be honest, it’s the darkest time of the year and this year that has even more meaning, considering the surge in coronavirus cases,” Laura Budd, the Chamber’s executive director, told “And I think when you drive into town and see the lights at night, especially for people shopping or coming off of the train or dining out at one of our restaurants, it’s a really warm and welcoming feeling. A very warm glow. This effort is funded by residents of the town, so everyone who contributes is helping to keep the lights going.”

Rob Hutchinson of Hutchinson Tree Care said he started putting up the lights himself on a few trees on Elm 30 years ago, back when George Griffin was involved with the Chamber, and has done it ever since. The work has been done at a below-rate charge as a service to the town, Hutchinson said.

“In the early years of our business it also did fill some time when it was slower in the fall,” Hutchinson said. “Now, it actually gets in the way of our work—nevertheless, I have stuck with it and done it because I think it would be something terribly difficult for someone else to figure out and it would not get done. I enjoy it every year. My office is on Main street, and every year come in and get to see lights on at 6 a.m. when I come into my office.”

In all, 55 separate trees get an estimated 10,000-plus of the electricity-saving LED bulbs, Hutchinson said.

Here’s more information from the Chamber on the holiday lights.

4 thoughts on “Donations Needed To Support ‘Holiday Lights’ in Downtown New Canaan

  1. Of all the years to “light up the town”, 2020 is certainly the one. It so great to donate to the Tree Lighting Fund each year but especially this year!!!! Help make New Canaan sparkle!

  2. Thank you to Rob Hutchinson and all who make this possible. We always make it a point to walk and drive up Elm Street even if we are not “going out to eat.” It is a great lift to our spirits which is much needed this year!

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