Election 2019: Readers’ Letters of Endorsement


The following letters of endorsement were submitted to NewCanaanite.com.


I urge the re-election of Brendan Hayes for the Board of Education. A Democrat with broad bipartisan support, Brendan was elected BOE Chairman last year by a 7-2 vote, including 4 of 6 Republicans. Brendan works hard, is a patient and thoughtful listener, and has the analytical skills one would expect of a highly successful investment banker. He’s a confident and effective advocate for New Canaan’s schools. Four BOE seats will be open, so even those who support all three Republican candidates can use their fourth vote to re-elect Brendan Hayes. Let’s make it unanimous. 

Tom Butterworth


Vote for Kit Devereaux for Board of Selectmen! Kit is smart, dedicated, knowledgeable and passionate. Her many volunteer activities in New Canaan include being a member of the Board of Finance and the Town Council and she is currently serving us exceptionally well on the Board of Selectmen. She knows our town and she knows the issues. Kit has earned our vote. Beyond all that, we need a woman on the Board of Selectmen. We need Kit to provide much needed diversity to the Board. For all these reasons, I urge you to vote for Kit on November 5.

Beth Jones


Re-elect Cristina Ross to the Town Council. 

With her husband Marty and their three daughters Cristina has resided in New Canaan for 28 years.

A licensed, practicing architect and published author, Cristina has been a contributing volunteer member and/or Board member of many New Canaan groups both civic and political. 

She is known for her thorough research and steadfast defense of the facts for the benefit if the community. As past member of the Committee on Open Space and Conservation she co-authored its Survey, She is a member of the Waveny ADA Compliance Committee, a past member of Parks & Recreation for 10 years, and former Vice Chairman of the RTC. 

For the past four years as member of the Town Council Cristina has been Co-Chair of the Infrastructure & Utilities Sub-Committee, member of the Finance & Government Sub-Committee and member of the Ordinance Sub-Committee.

A proponent of Preserving NC History through its architecture and deeply knowledgeable about Mid Modern Architecture her efforts have helped to promote their valued place in our history. Her help saved the Outback Building.

Cristina is Fiscally Conservative and an active proponent of establishing NC Bonding parameters. She supports the gathering of all governing agencies involved in the budget process to find efficiencies, consolidate cost centers and implement procedures & guidelines to effectively manage and realize savings.

Her experience, diligence and knowledge are invaluable to our community.

For the benefit of all please Vote for Christina Ross, Town Council.

E. Irene Barrack


It is time for a change from the top down. With Craig Donovan for First Selectman and Kit Devereaux for Selectman you will have put the best experienced management team to lead New Canaan into office. They believe that New Canaan Citizens want to know how and why town is taxing and spending their money. And yes citizens want transparency and a plan. It is also the time to elect Robin, Colm and Mark to the Town Council. This town has grown up, it isn’t just a one party takes all in town anymore. Get out and vote and show them why and that you care about New Canaan!

Ed Vollmer

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